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Full Name: Lorna Walker
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Rob Aspinall
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Lorna Walker is a teenager.

That's it. A teenager, aged 16 at the start of the series. Shy and quite introverted. Living with her Aunt with whom she does not get along that well (but then again, she is a teenager so - big shock!). Her mom abandoned her to go live with a cult waiting for a comet or something and her dad ate his shotgun and so the aunt was the only choice. Other than that, she is a normal teenager.

Well, except for a very bad heart. Something to do with a valve not valving right and she is on the list for a new one but there are a lot of people on the list and not that many hearts so figure the odds. Then the dice came up seven and she got the call and raced to the hospital and her life would never be the same.

In Walker's case, this is especially true because with the heart and the medicines to keep rejection to a minimum also came something a theorist (or conspiracy expert) called "muscle memory". She started to have dreams. Exceptionally real and vivid dreams that she became certain were memories, not imaginings. In these dreams she was a he and he was some sort of secret agent or bad ass fighting other bad asses and winning. Except one time. So then he's dead and she has his heart and she now has a lot of his memories.

She also has a fair amount of his skills. When three boys who had had a few too many tried to get too friendly with her and then became insistent that she go along, she put them in the hospital with no effort at all (except for the broken fingernail). What shy, wall-flower of a girl with a heart condition does that?

And this dedicated vegetarian now appreciates a Big Mac. And instead of a Coke, maybe she would have a couple fingers of single-malt Scotch. Neat, please.

So Walker is not a little freaked out about what was happening. And then the really bad dudes from a group called JPAC show up and want to talk. Well, not talk so much as torture and then kill. That is when life gets really, really wrong.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Truly Dead Truly Dead
Written by Rob Aspinall
Copyright: 2016

Lorna Walker was a shy teenager with few friends and a bad heart. When a donor became available she hoped her life might get better. What she got with it, though, were memories that were not hers, dreams of things she could not make up, and fighting skills that came out of nowhere. That and a world-wide organization that wants her dead.
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2 Infinite Kill Infinite Kill
Written by Rob Aspinall
Copyright: 2016

Shouldn't you feel safer when everyone thinks you're dead? Lorna Walker thought so until people kept trying to kill her along with the man she is escaping with. She'd also figure the man who was the previous owner of the heart inside her would be dead instead of trying to save her life.
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3 World Will Fall World Will Fall
Written by Rob Aspinall
Copyright: 2016

Lorna Walker thought stopping a terrorist attack was a good thing until she got blamed for it. Then there was the matter of stopping JPAC from using a super-weapon with no resources to help out.
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4 Made Of Fire Made Of Fire
Written by Rob Aspinall
Copyright: 2016

Lorna Walker is turning 17. Instead of celebrating it at home with friends, she has to keep up the fight against JPAC which means she gets to travel the world from Mexico to Uzbekistan with stops in Manhattan, all while people try to kill her.
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5 Slave Nation Slave Nation
Written by Rob Aspinall
Copyright: 2017

JPAC is planning on playing its ultimate hand but Lorna Walker and her mentor/partner Philippe would like to stop them.
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At first I thought this was a young-adult series and I was planning, when I got around to reading them, to have the books listed in that section. Then I noticed a warning label on a page saying it was for 16+ and was intense. That made my eyebrows go up a bit. It also piqued my curiosity so I started reading. Pushed it ahead of the many dozens already on the list just because the concept was different and that 16+ made me wonder.

That is my excuse for starting the first book. I have no excuse for finishing it quickly and moving on to the second. Then on to the third. No excuse other than it was strangely compelling.

Of course, being a 65-year old man reading about a 16-year old girl did feel a tiny bit (okay, a whole lot) wrong but I took solace in the fact that had this been real life, that girl would have pounded this man's face a time or three so there!

The premise of this series is preposterous, of course. Actually I have no idea one way or another but it sounds crazy. Still, I dig crazy. A couple of my favorite off-beat spy series deal with a vampire and a werewolf. Muscle-memory enhanced teenage girl. Not quite to that level of crazy so I smiled and went with it.

Got two more books to go so far and should the author decide to continue the series, it is alright with me.


My Grade: B+


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