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Full Name: Scarlett Couture
Nationality: American
Organization: CIG
Occupation Agent

Creator: Des Taylor
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


       Scarlett Couture is an agent with the C.I.G.
       That acronym stands for the Covert Investigation Group which is a standalone division of the CIA, formed by Chase Carver, mother of Scarlett Couture. Carver had inherited her mother's successful fashion empire and was expected to take over one day but instead she joined the CIA during the end of the Cold War and became one of its top agents. It was her idea to form the CIG using her mother's company as a cover. Fashion models and photographers go all over the world and their glitz and glamor make them welcome visitors. That sort of inroad was too good to pass up.
       Couture was the daughter of Carver and a N.Y.P.D. homicide detective named Jack Gillis. When she was 14 she was kidnapped by a gang and held for over a week while on a trip to Munich. It was after that experience that she and her father learned that her mother was an operative. The rift ended the marriage of her parents but it did inspire Couture and a few years later she, too, became an agent with the CIA. She now uses as her cover being the head of security and logistics for her mother's company.
       Couture is 28 years old with red hair and light gray eyes. She is 5'10" tall and in excellent physical shape. A black belt in Aikido and Wing Chun Kung Fu, Couture is also a practitioner of the Israeli fighting style Krav Maga. She is a marksman with a handgun and knows how to use the rifle as well. She is a trained helicopter pilot and is a qualified scuba diver.
       Couture can work with others but it does grate on her as she far prefers going it alone. The idea of waiting for back-up is something she is never known to do.
       She has no long term relationships but considering her very busy schedule with being the head of security for a billion-dollar industry as well as a key agent for the CIG/CIA, when would she have time?


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Project Stardust Part 1 Project Stardust Part 1
Published by Titan Comics

Copyright: 2014

Two supermodels working for Chase Couture Fashions have been kidnapped; one is also an agent with CIG. Scarlett Couture is head of the team assigned to find and rescue them.

2 Project Stardust Part 2 Project Stardust Part 2
Published by Titan Comics

Copyright: 2014

The same group that had kidnapped the two models now want to make sure the one survivor does not talk so a hit man is sent after her.

3 Project Stardust Part 3 Project Stardust Part 3
Published by Titan Comics

Copyright: 2014

Before she was killed, the model and agent told how she had hidden a thumbdrive behind a painting in a wealthy casino owner's office in Vegas. Scarlett Couture heads there to retrieve it.

4 Project Stardust Part 4 Project Stardust Part 4
Published by Titan Comics

Copyright: 2014

The recovered thumbdrive tells of a sunken cargo the group is after. Seeking it herself, Scarlett Couture and her partner come across considerable opposition but learn of the ultimate plan of destruction.


       This short comic series is a hoot and not just because the women are so drop-dead gorgeous. The plot of the first mission is fairly standard but the author takes us all over the world, and even into the ocean, and that is fun. It is great to see a female character who can handle herself so efficiently. That she can do so and still play nice with others is good as well but the main entertainment takes place when she says "to heck with waiting, I'm going in!"
       The creator/writer has indicated another mission is on the way and when it comes out, I will snatch it like I did this one. A character as cool and interesting and lovely as Scarlett Couture needs more assignments.


My Grade: B+


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