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Full Name: Alex Toles and Cassidy O'Brien
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nancy Ann Healy
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Alexis Toles is an agent with the F.B.I.

Cassidy O'Brien is a stay-at-home mom of a six-year old boy.

Cassidy is also the ex-wife of a Congressman who is receiving death threats at the beginning of the recorded adventures. That is how the two women came to know each other and how, as the challenges increased to keep Cassidy and her son alive grew, the relationship between the two women grew until they would become a partnership.

Alex, as she prefers to be called, is an experienced agent with a history for getting the job done but also a reputation for doing things her way. Her history, though, goes considerably deeper. She possesses an eidetic memory and with that asset she has been able to learn numerous languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, and Russian. This made her extremely useful as a terrorist hunter in Iraq.

She was a lieutenant (later a captain) serving there under a captain named Taylor and a colonel named Merrow. When their tours came to an end, they all moved on with Merrow going into politics. He became a Senator and later the President. Taylor rose at the Pentagon but was then picked to head the NSA. Alex worked there for a few years until the challenge of the FBI called and she moved over. Now having some powerful friends she can call on in an emergency, she is also there when they need help.

Cassidy is not a trained investigator and has no real interest in it but she is by no means an unintelligent woman and she observations and opinions become welcome to her lover.

Their relationship starts as yet another case when Cassidy and her former husband become threatened by frightening letters and the President asks for FBI help. The closeness will grow until they become a partnership.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Intersection Intersection
Written by Nancy Ann Healy
Copyright: 2014

A Congressman has received threatening letters and FBI Agent Alexis Toles is assigned the case. She meets his ex-wife, Cassidy and her young son, Dylan. As the investigate continues, the relationship between Alex and Cassidy grows. Meanwhile, someone out there does play nice with others.
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2 Betrayal Betrayal
Written by Nancy Ann Healy
Copyright: 2014

When Alex and Cassidy learn that their close friend and U.S. President has been assassinated, they also learn that they are getting further into a plot that is even larger than killing one world leader.
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3 Commitment Commitment
Written by Nancy Ann Healy
Copyright: 2014

Now a CIA agent, Alexis Toles is asked to infiltrate a secret organization known as the Collaborative, made up of other intelligence operative. On the homefront, a custody battle between Cassidy and her ex-husband turns especially nasty.
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4 Conspiracy Conspiracy
Written by Nancy Ann Healy
Copyright: 2015

Alexis Toles' already complicated life gets even more troubled when as a CIA agent investigating the Collaborative, she is forced to assume control of her father's company, Carecom, which works closely with the Agency and which is also connected with the secret group.
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This series is most definitely a romance-detective-spy series with the romance taking the lead. Since that is just what it purports to be, this is a good thing. People who buy these books will know what they are getting and they will get it. The romance is a bit unusual for the detective-spy crowd, though not unheard of, because the two participants in the relationship are of the same gender. The writing is of such a good quality and the characters so interesting that the fact that they are of the same sex is important and irrelevent at the same time.

Romance novels, as I had said in write-ups for other series, is not my bag and I would normally have just read enough to give what I would have considered a fair treatment but, darn it all, I needed to know more. In the first book, who was the jerk(s) out after the Congressman and his ex-wife and were they after both or really just one? In the second book, who killed the President and why and what was going to happen to Alex?

See what I am getting at? It is just mean to write a series about a subject matter I really do not care about and then make me care about it.

Well done, Ms. Healy.


My Grade: B+


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