Full Name: Grant Stevens
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jamie Fredric
Time Span: 2010 - 2016

       Grant Stevens is an agent for the President.
       When the series begins, he is the best investigator the U.S. Naval Investigative Service (NIS), the forerunner to the modern NCIS. The adventures take place likely in the early 80s (possibly very late 70s though this is not expressly stated but can be inferred from events and time-lines) and the NIS was the main department in the Navy for handling all major criminal activities including espionage. It is with the latter that Stevens excels.
       Stevens is, again at the start, a Commander in the U.S. Navy and more specifically and importantly, he is a former SEAL. In fact, he is one of the very first SEALS to have existed as he got his start with that Special Forces group in 1962, the year the SEAL program came into existence. He was a member of the first major mission the SEALs took part in - a foray into the jungles of Cuba to find more proof of Soviet missiles on that Caribbean island. He was a very junior Ensign at the time, likely just having graduated from the Academy (supposition).
       As a result of the actions in the first book, Stevens receives a promotion to Captain and it is stated that he is at the time the youngest man with that rank, likely making Stevens at or near 40 years old, within the reasonable range for the hijinks he gets involved with but still making his physical actions even more impressive. Years of action and a dedication to staying fit have served him well.
       After nearly a half dozen recorded adventure, Stevens opts to leave the Service and it is at this point that his working on behalf of the President starts up as a quartet of wealthy patriots approach him with the plan to establish Team Alpha Tango, a small group of highly trained operatives working outside the normal chain of command to take on the tasks deemed vital for national security by the President.
       Stevens is a native of California having been born and raised in a small community north of the Bay area near the coast, giving him ample time to take part in one of his favorite sports, surfing. Standing 6'1" he is in excellent shape. He has brown hair and eyes and is fluent in Russian and Japanese with a spattering of other languages along the way.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2016

1 Mission Critical Mission Critical
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2010

Grant Stevens' mission is to prevent a takeover by Russian commandos of the Navy's newest destroyer.

2 Warning Order Warning Order
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2010

The job for Grant Stevens and his friend Adler is to snatch a CIA agent in East Berlin and get him out but someone leaks the mission to the Reds.

3 In the Mouth of the Wolf In the Mouth of the Wolf
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2011

A renegade Mafia gang has attacked an American base in Sicily using nerve gas and heavy armament. Grant Stevens and his team are ordered to head there.

4 Sacrifice of One Sacrifice of One
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2011

Years ago a CIA-funded mission sent Grant Stevens and his men into Vietnam to rescue five POWs. The job ended badly and the team never forgot. Now it seems the prisoners are still being held but not in Vietnam and Stevens is determined to finish the job.

5 Last Op Last Op
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2012

He was in southern England for some R&R but what Grant Stevens got was involved in the hunt for classified documents stolen from an RAF base and the chance that terrorists could get their hands on nuclear weapons.

6 Shanghai Mission Shanghai Mission
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2013

It was a difficult choice but Grant Stevens retired from the Navy. Then came an offer from several wealthy men to put together a covert team answerable only to the President. Their newest mission takes them into China to rescue two captured SEALS.

7 Code Name Antares Code Name Antares
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2013

Inside the DoD a traitor has offered the Russians top secret weapons from the Navy - for no charge. They are suspicious but they send a new agent to handle the deal. The US President sends Grant Stevens and his men to stop it.

8 Operation Gold-Eagle Operation Gold-Eagle
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2014

Grant Stevens and his Team Alpha Tango has a duo mission. The first is to assist in a prisoner exchange with the Russians. The second is to extricate a deep-cover operative. Both jobs will have those working to make it fail.

9 Silent Vengeance Silent Vengeance
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2014

The attack that left so many young sailors dead or dying on the US aircraft carrier was from an unexpected source - a drug called 'yaba'. Who created it remains a mystery but Grant Stevens and his team have orders to stop it.

10 The Bratva Heist The Bratva Heist
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2015

The CIA has learned that the Russian mafiya is stealing major weaponry from the Russian army and selling it to terrorists in the Middle East. The agent discovering the info disappears and the US President orders Grant Stevens and team to find the missing agent and stop the transaction.

11 Operation Eagle Strike Operation Eagle Strike
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2016

Two scientists at a facility in the States have gone missing and their supervisor left dead. The two were later spotted in Cuba by CIA agents but whether they were there willingly or not is unknown. The job for Grant Stevens and his men is to go to Cuba, get the scientists and any documents they may have and destroy the facility.

12 Punishment Due Punishment Due
Written by Jamie Fredric
Copyright: 2016

The KGB agent the CIA had thought they had turned into a double agent has betrayed them and two SEALS are dead as the result. Years later the man is discovered living in Romania and working to stage a coup there. Grant Stevens and his men are ordered to stop the plot and bring the man back.


       I hesitated on this series for some time, not because it was not enjoyable but because I wondered if it fit in a compendium devoted to spy guys and gals. The first five adventures were exciting and interesting and did deal with international intrigue and fighting Soviet agents and the like. Still, it was far on the side of a military adventure and not in the cloak and dagger arena. When things changed up in book 6 with Stevens finally retiring and looking for something else to do, the invitation to form Team Alpha Tango to work on behalf of the President, it looked more like it fit.
       Still I waited and collected and occasionally read and finally decided the stories were too good to not include. The action is hot and heavy and the characters are interesting and fun to follow. Make no mistake in thinking the military aspect has slacked off at all, though. Stevens and his teammates in Alpha Tango may have shed their uniforms but they remain SEALs and the same sort of impossible missions they had to face before they continue to confront as "quasi-civilians". The danger is just as powerful and they would not have it any other way.
       Fun series which I hope will continue.


My Grade: B+

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