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Full Name: X-5
Series Name: X-5 Secret Agent
Codename: X-5
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Cory Weyt
Time Span: 1940 - 1940


X-5 is an agent with American Intelligence.

Which agency he works for is never mentioned but in the first adventure he is clearly identified as a U.S. secret agent. In the subsequent escapades his employer is not really specified. That he is an established agent is revealed in the first adventure when an enemy agent, certain that the man he was observing was a spy, looked into his book of known agents and pulled X-5's picture.

Who X-5 is outside of his codename is never mentioned. No one ever uses a first or last name and he seems very comfortable with that. What his life is like outside his work is also never even alluded to much less stated. The fact that he seems to be all over the place would make one believe he does not have much in the way of a personal life.

We can infer from some of his adventures that he is a gifted disguise artist and he has to be an expert with foreign languages to be able to converse so easily and, while made up to look like an enemy general talking to his fellow countrymen, so convincingly. The fact that he makes decisions to go undercover so quickly and with little trepidation would point to his having done it many times before.

His experience and his reputation must be extensive for he is obviously well known. When a European nation of Ruina is in trouble with an aggressive neighbor, the King demands "Cable X-5! I need his help immediately." When word gets out of his coming, the bad guys know they have to be ready for him (of course, they also know when he is arriving and how). He is able on another mission to

Physically all we know about X-5 is that he is blond with wavy hair, prone to wearing suits, and in good condition based on his ability to dodge bullets (most of them) easily. He is darned good in a fist fight and really acts like he relishes a good tussle. He is also fairly glib for he has a sharp comment or retort always at the ready. He is definitely not above making a biting remark when it is called for.

In the first two recorded adventures, he is called "X-5, Secret Agent". In the last two, he is "X-5, Super Agent". There is no indication what changed to make him move from secret to super.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:1940
Last Appearance:1940

One of the most prolific, and influential, comic writers and artists of all time was the great Will Eisner. His output was legendary. So was his use of pseudonyms. Cory Weyt was one of them. "Weyt" was not around long, though, as his sole creation, X-5 Secret/Super Agent, came and went in the span of four issues of Hit Comics in the summer and fall of 1940.

Mourn not too hard, though, for the brief life of X-5. The very next issue of the comic line had a "new" hero, "G-5, Super Agent", drawn and written by another pseudonym, Cory Weyte.

Note: The titles of the issues in quotes are my creation.

1 'Wolf Hunting' 'Wolf Hunting'
Published by Quality Comics
Contributors: Cory Weyte (writer and artist)
Copyright: 07/1940

From Hit Comics #1 - Overhearing a female agent, Baroness Verber, talk about using the hostile warship "Wolf" to sink an American freighter in a foreign port, X-5 is determined to stop the attack. He is less than successful but manages to capture the "Wolf".
Click here to read the story.

2 'Oils Well That Ends Well' 'Oils Well That Ends Well'
Published by Quality Comics
Contributors: Cory Weyte (writer and artist)
Copyright: 08/1940

From Hit Comics #2 - The European nation of Ruina wants to sell its oil to one neighbor but another neighboring nation, far more warlike, wants it and will kill anyone to do so. The King of Ruina appeals to X-5 for help.
Click here to read the story.

3 'I Don't Want To Steal Anymore' 'I Don't Want To Steal Anymore'
Published by Quality Comics
Contributors: Cory Weyte (writer and artist)
Copyright: 09/1940

From Hit Comics #3 - The European nation of Bothnia wants guns and ammo stolen from an American National Guard armory. Their inside man gets cold feet and wants out. X-5 witnesses his kidnapping and gets intrigued.
Click here to read the story.

4 'Why The Beef?' 'Why The Beef?'
Published by Quality Comics
Contributors: Cory Weyte (writer and artist)
Copyright: 10/1940

From Hit Comics #4 - X-5 is sent to Northland to sneak into Southland to find why that nation's capital is getting shipment of enough beef to feed a far larger city. Obviously something is up.
Click here to read the story.


There is not enough of X-5 to get to like or dislike. He came, fought a few times, beat up some enemy agents, got himself shot and blown up and pounded a time or two but then got all better quickly, and then went away.

One impressive feature to his tales is that the writer/author, Will Eisner in the guise of Cory Weyt, filled a whole lot of story in the six pages that were given. Each page has numerous smaller panels on it and each of these panels keeps the story moving. There is no instance of meet and beat bad-guy, cased closed. There are actually story twists and turns inside those few pages. It shows just how good Eisner truly was as a storyteller.


My Grade: B-


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