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Full Name: Red Cell Seven
Codename: RC7
Nationality: American
Organization: Red Cell Seven
Occupation Agency

Creator: Stephen Frey
Time Span: 2012 - 2014


Red Cell Seven is a highly secret American intelligence organization.

It was founded in 1973 by then President Nixon and his cohorts because they felt that the existing alphabet departments in the intelligence community needed a much more powerful covert group to combat the dangers of the Soviet Union. This new department would operate out of the CIA budget as an obscure line item but would function outside its control. In fact, it was decided that it would function far outside any legal restraints at all. Coming from the minds of aides Ehrlichman and Haldeman, that hardly seems surprising.

The origin of its name was interesting. 'Red' was picked since its primary (at the time) opponent was the Soviet apparatus. 'Cell' was in the name because it was intended that when the Soviets learned of it, and nothing stays totally secret forever in the security business, it was hoped they would believe this was just one part of a larger picture. 'Seven' was added because if the Soviets did think this was one of many, Nixon and crew wanted the opposition to have to expend tremendous amounts of energy trying to learn more about Cells One through Six. According to comments made later, this subterfuge was more than a little successful.

A Marine Captain named Roger Carlson, extremely vetted and studied and found of the proper intelligence and aggressiveness needed to lead such a new and powerful group, was chosen and given the directive to organize and create Red Cell Seven. RCS, as it invariably became known as, was technically part of the CIA but reported only to the President but more telling in his instructions was that he would report to the Chief "only when you decide a report to the Executive Branch is necessary". The degree of autonomy was frightening.

That self-reliance became even greater just over a decade later when a meeting in the Oval Office took place and a young and up-and-coming banker named William 'Bill' Jensen was ordered to visit President Reagan and chief-of-staff Jim Baker. Fearing that word of the actions of RCS were becoming more certain to become known and the backlash bound to strike the White House because of the CIA connection, they devised a plan to give RCS total financial freedom. With the acumen of Jensen and the influence of the Administration's friends in the world of commerce, RCS was going private. A Board of Directors was established to advise and consent the RCS as it increased its role in protecting American interests both abroad and at home but there was no doubt in anyone's mind that the RCS was now a law unto itself.

As British historian Lord Acton remarked, 'power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Such is the way with the RCS. As it begins to stray too far from its original goal and as a new liberal President begins to want to shackle if not complete eliminate it, bad things start to happen.

The events detailed in this three-book series revolve around two half-brothers of the banker Jensen family, Troy, a long-standing agent in the RCS, and his older brother Jack, a Wall Street trader who learns a whole lot more about RCS than he ever would have wanted to.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2014

1 Arctic Fire Arctic Fire
Written by Stephen Frey
Copyright: 2012

Jack Jensen did not believe the reports of the death of his brother, Troy, Troy could do anything. Troy was invincible. To find the truth, he quit his Wall Street job and went looking. He found a global conspiracy. He found people wanting him dead as well.
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2 Red Cell Seven Red Cell Seven
Written by Stephen Frey
Copyright: 2014

The terrorists of the "Holiday Mall Attack" are out there and the President tasks Troy Jensen of Red Cell Seven with finding and destroying them. Jensen also wants revenge for the death of his brother.
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3 Kodiak Sky Kodiak Sky
Written by Stephen Frey
Copyright: 2014

The U.S. President wants Red Cell Seven shut down and he calls upon a skilled military assassin named Skylar McCoy with hunting and eliminating its members. Also out for blood is a drug lord very upset with the organization.
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If your interest run at all close to government conspiracies and unnamed or unknown government agencies doing all sorts of underhanded shenanigans in our name and with our "best interests" at heart, this series is most definitely for you. Scary to say, it is also sounding more and more realistic as it goes on. Could such a group as Red Cell Seven exist? Who knows! That is the beauty of such a suspicion. You cannot disprove a negative so you cannot show conclusively that such an organization does not exist, only that you have yet to prove that it does.

And the thought that there are lots of patriotic folks out there willing to torture and maim and kill any number of us to preserve the greater good is not at all hard to believe. Every side has its fanatics and just as one person reaches it seems the edge of reason in a pursuit, it looks like someone is just begging for a chance to just keep on truckin' in that scary direction.

I do not know if the author intended this to be a trilogy. It just feels like one to me but the story could easily go on should he decide to return to the shadowy world he created. I would probably go there with him if he decided but I have to be honest enough with myself to say I'd do so with some trepidation. That world is spooky in more ways than one.


My Grade: A-


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