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Full Name: Mac & Dekker
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lee Smyth
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Mac and Dekker are agents of MI-7.

Not at first because when these two individuals meet, there is no MI-7 but by the second recorded adventure there will be and they will be its only agents. MI-7, though it uses the same sort of designation that MI-5 and MI-6 use, is not, however, a government organization but rather a private intelligence/operations firm that just sounds like it is official.

Mac is Jon McAllister, Jr., a 15-year old computer hacker who would prefer to play video games over, well, most other activities but who has found, working with Dekker, that getting out of the house can be a lot more exciting, if also a lot more deadly. He is the son of one of Britain's most famour football (soccer for us Yanks) player, a man who turned his talents on the turf into a way of making a very good living as a commentator. His mom is the face behind Inner Glow makeup and graces the pages of "every other magazine". While Dad is loaded, Mom is immensely so.

Dekker is Matt Dekker, an experienced agent for MI-6. He is in his early 30s and has been in the cloak and dagger business for so long that he cannot imagine doing anything else though he does realize that his age is not going down. He is unmarried (no time) and currently not in a relationship (really no time) but he is not adverse to the company of the fairer sex and based on their reaction to him, neither are they. He is very good at his job but does occasionally cause enough commotion that his boss, the Commander, has his customary fits. Dekker gets the job done, though.

They will meet while Dekker is recuperating from his last mission and Mac is attending a very rigorous soccer camp. A very nasty man will accost them and in trying to find out why, they will get involved in an incredibly dangerous adventure which will also introduce them to Lily Midas, a very rich woman who decides she likes the excitement of the spy game and when membership in MI-6 proves not possible, decides to start her own company. Her first two employees are Mac and Dekker.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Midas Midas
Written by Lee Smyth
Copyright: 2016

Julian Midas is a modern version of the mythical King. Everything he hates, he kills. And then he turns their remains into gold. When Mac's mother becomes a victim, he wants justice. And MI-6 wants to put an end to Midas as well. Bad for both of them is that Midas is looking forward to their visit.
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2 Shoot The Moon Shoot The Moon
Written by Lee Smyth
Copyright: 2016

Doctor Ukiah Zane is a genius. He is also the first neurologically-enhanced human. He is also insane. He wants to control the market for a rare metal used in mobile phones and he knows there is a lot of it on the moon. Shooting lasers can break the moon apart to get it. The fact that it would also wipe out most of civilization is not that big a deal to this nut-case.
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Knowing that this is meant for juveniles, or at least going on that assumption since the tag line for both of the books out as of this writing is "'James Bond' for a new generation', I was not expecting John LeCarré. I didn't get him either but I did get a few grins and a fun return to a younger age (if only in my head). I could see where a 15-year old boy might get involved in a wild adventure like in the first book but to have him then become an "agent" made no sense. But then I told myself to chill out and just enjoyed it.

I wish I had this kind of series when I was a kid 'cause I could definitely see myself reading it and seeing myself as Mac.


My Grade: B


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