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Full Name: Don Q
Nationality: American
Organization: Diplomatic Services
Occupation Agent

Creator: Vernon Henkel
Time Span: 1941 - 1942


Don Q is an agent with the Diplomatic Service.

Now, what exactly the Diplomatic Service is remains a mystery. It is not, apparently, solely American but America is a major part. So is Britain. So, too, are the other Allies. Whoever is in charge of this department or bureau is never shown nor is much information about it given except to state that it is very much against the Axis, or as they are called, the Dictator Countries.

When we first meet Don Q (and that is all we ever hear him called - no last name and no explanation as to what the "Q" means) he is just finishing his training to replace his father, a well-known and highly respected American diplomat who was instrumental in negotiating oil shipments for base locations on behalf of his country. As he grew older, the man introduced his son to the same line of work so he could take over. The elder man was assassinated on an ocean-liner heading to Europe in the first adventure and Don Q accosted and dispatched the killers and then moved to find out who had hired them, starting his new line of work.

Suddenly (we actually do not know how long passes so it may have not been suddenly) Don Q is a well known man of mystery (oxymoron there). He is described as "a modern musketeer in search of high romance with a flare for any adventure." One report describes his adventures as "his unending missions of diplomacy" which invariably involve guns and fisticuffs and bombs and mayhem.

Don Q does not fight the good fight alone. In the second episode, he makes use of a French taxi driver named Pierre to foil the bad guys, including handing the control of a plane to him and telling a non-pilot to take over. In the third episode, without explanation, Pierre is now his "faithful" valet. Pierre, a Frenchman and resident of Marseilles, does call opponents "ya lugs!" and has other American aphorisms. But he fits well with Don Q for both like a good brawl.

Dashing looking and impeccably dressed at all times, Don Q does cut an impressive figure, including always have a monocle over his right eye. The fact that he looks an awful lot like and acts an awful lot like fellow international man of mystery, Black X, is undoubtedly a coincidence. But then there is the monocle over the right eye. And use of a single consonant for a last name.


Number of Stories:8
First Appearance:1941
Last Appearance:1942

1 'Introducing the Amazing Don Q' 'Introducing the Amazing Don Q'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 12/1941

From Crack Comics #19 - On an ocean-liner, Don Q is talking with his father when the elder is murdered. Don Q hunts down the man behind the killing, learning of a plot to steal a convoy of oil bound for the Allies.
Click here to read the story.

2 'Give Back That Formula' 'Give Back That Formula'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 01/1942

From Crack Comics #20 - The British Foreign Office hires Don Q to go to Lisbon to purchase an oil substitute formula but enemy agents have killed the inventor and stolen the data. Don Q is determined to get it back. He starts by running his plane into theirs.
Click here to read the story.

3 'Which Side Am I On?' 'Which Side Am I On?'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 02/1942

From Crack Comics #21 - Leaders of the Vastavian Republican Army hire Don Q to negotiate with the ruling government, demanding they hand over control or the VRA would throw in with the "dictators", the latter being unnamed but using the swastika as their emblem. Dissension in the ranks leads to bloodshed and Don Q gets upset.
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4 'Curse of the Red Stone Thieves' 'Curse of the Red Stone Thieves'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 03/1942

From Crack Comics #22 - Heading through the Kyber Pass on a train with a British diplomat, Don Q is helping guard the man as he conveys the "Red Stone" to the Rajah of Juanpur (also spelt Jaunpur). The train is attacked and Don Q is entrusted with the gem to get where it needs to go. Things get a tad strange on the way.
Click here to read the story.

5 'Das Is Not Your Boot' 'Das Is Not Your Boot'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 05/1942

From Crack Comics #23 - As an American merchant ship is dispatched to move 1100 Germans back to Europe from America, German sailors manage to take over and plan to sail into the British fleet's midst and cause havoc. Don Q learns of the plan and steps in.
Click here to read the story.

6 The Island of Dread The Island of Dread
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 07/1942

From Crack Comics #24 - The plane carrying the American Secretary of State, on a Pan-American visit, crashes and is taken prisoner. Don Q gets a call from the President making him acting Secretary and asking him to go find the actual one.
Click here to read the story.

7 Who Is He? Who Is He?
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 09/1942

From Crack Comics #25 - Don Q learns that a German field-marshall wrote a scathing letter against Hitler but not regrets it and wants the letter back. He gets the letter first but needs the officer's signature to prove it valid.
Click here to read the story.

8 'There's Tin in Them There Hills' 'There's Tin in Them There Hills'
Published by Comic Magazines
Contributors: Vernon Henkel (writer and artist)
Copyright: 11/1942

From Crack Comics #26 - In South America an American prospector finds a rich vein of tin needed for the war efforts. He is killed and his claim stolen. Don Q, knowing how vital the mineral is, goes there to get it back for the Allies.
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I mentioned above that there were a few major similarities between Don Q and Black X. Good story-telling is not one of them. While I could not give the latter that high of a grade overall, I had to go considerably lower for the former. The plots are quite, well, silly and the action beyond consideration. Thankfully, there are not that many stories to have to go through, obviously showing that others felt the same way I did.

One great example of "what!!??" is the adventure where a very bad man has taken over an transatlantic airliner and threatening to kill everyone onboard. Don Q and his sidekick Pierre grab a plane and go after it. With Pierre taking control of the plane, they go above the airliner, Don Q leaps from the higher plane, and crashes through the roof of the airliner. And his monocle stays firmly in place.

I could say more but I think that says enough.


My Grade: C-


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