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Full Name: Michael Cailen
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Mel Lebrun
Time Span: 2013 - 2013


Michael Cailen is a security expert.

At least that is what he becomes after his life somewhat slows down and he is able to have a job. Prior to that he was a man on the run.

Cailen joined the U.S. Army at a young age and soon was a part of the elite Green Berets and took part in a few missions with them. Then his talents were needed elsewhere and the military transferred him to the Navy Seals, giving him even more interesting training and skills. After several more nasty assignments with them, he was again "transfered", this time to black ops duty occasionally seconded to the CIA, the very group that would later be hunting him.

Cailen and his friend, Shaun, had been visiting some of Shaun's relatives in a small town in China. Since Cailen, who had a gift for languages, spoke Mandarin and wanted to do something different, he decided to go along. Early one morning halfway through their planned time there, they were awakened by screams created by the villagers who were being slaughtered by men with swords and knives. The killers were not expecting trained soldiers to be there and were unprepared for the carnage that Shaun and Cailen unleashed. Leaving one man alive to answer questions, they learned only that the killers had been paid to wipe out the community and were hired by someone they thought was CIA. While Shaun remained behind to protect his family, Cailen returned to America and was immediately attacked by a man who, under pressure, admitted he was CIA.

For the four years leading to the first recorded adventure, Cailen was A.W.O.L., living under the radar and trying to learn as much as he could about who was after him and why, a task made complicated by the fact that he was certain if the most powerful intelligence gathering organization tracked him down, he would be dead. One thing going for him was an ability to finance his operations through the un-voluntary donations by drug dealers who Cailen forcefully convinced to contribute.

He is described in the opening pages as "tall and muscular with gently tanned skin, short dark brown hair with just a hint of curl and smoldering brown eyes. He was incredibly handsome."

This description comes from Jessica, the second major player in the drama with the CIA. She is a computer hacker and a very good one, able to make a good living in the computer security business. Then a friendship with a Russian hacker turned very deadly when he got in trouble and turned to her and she became a target as well. She would have been a dead hacker if not for the fact that the same people after her were the ones after Cailen and their plan to take out both at the same time did not account for how good Cailen was.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 Black Pawn Black Pawn
Written by Mel Lebrun
Copyright: 2013

After seeing something he should not have, Michael Cailen was being hunted. He went on the lam to stay alive and he has stayed that way for quite some time. A chance encounter in an Internet cafe with the lovely Jessica is misinterpreted by his hunters and now she is also being targeted.
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2 Forced Move Forced Move
Written by Mel Lebrun
Copyright: 2013

Michael Cailen has just started a new life with Jessica and things look like they might become fairly normal when Cailen is asked by an old friend to rescue the man's daughter from human traffickers.
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Michael Cailen is one of the characters I love to read about. He is way too good at what he does, of course, but he is not perfect and he works with other competent but not perfect people and things go wrong and he has to set them right. Always a bit forcibly. Jessica is also very good at what she does but she tends to not be totally in sync with Cailen and that will cause trouble as well.

Making things interesting and annoying at times is the fact that Cailen tends to get ticked really easily and Jessica's tear ducts have very loose fittings and so in both of the adventures, he growls a lot and she weeps a lot and then they spend a fair amount of time making up and those around them just have to shake their heads and wait for the next round.

This does sound bad for the series and it does get a tad repetitious but the fun in the series for me is that there are many different bad guys who Cailen has to fight and he can and does work out some of his frustration on them.

I do not know why the author stopped writing about Cailen and Jessica. There could be many more adventures about them and I would happily read them even with the Cailen temperament and the Jessica waterworks, or perhaps because of them.


My Grade: B+


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