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Full Name: Dan Dailey
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Dehart
Time Span: 2005 - 2007


Dan Dailey is an agent with the DIA.

It was in the mid 1960s that Dailey, after attending the University of Oregon, chose to enter the military, picking the U.S. Army. His impressive skills with foreign languages took him into the Intelligence section and, after some time amassing an "exemplary" record, he was noticed by the Defense Intelligence Agency and offered a position. He obviously took it.

After a couple of years of action, he appealed to an old college friend, James "Bull" Bulliard, to leave his failing business and join him in the excitement and danger that was becoming a regular job description. Bull agreed and while the two do not always work together, they do enough to consider themselves partners.

In the DIA, their immediate supervisor is Colonel Riley, a man who has learned over the couple of years the two men have worked for him that it is best to point these two members of the "Have Balls - Will Travel" team in the direction they need to go and then just let them handle things.

As it says in one of the passages, "take a couple of street-wise Army spooks, add a generous dollop of disrespect for authority, and you had a Special Ops team capable of resolving issues literally in the dark allies of international intrigue."

Dailey is of slightly above average height and is in terrific physical condition. Few might notice that, however, when Bull is nearby because Bull is a "huge" figure who dominates a room. That is fine with Dailey because it is his brain that really dominates.

As the series begins, Dan Dailey has recently lost his fiancée to breast cancer and still has nightmares brought on by the grief. The action helps take his mind off his sorrow.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2007

1 The Eye of the Viper The Eye of the Viper
Written by David Dehart
Copyright: 2005

Adrian Kurtoglu is known to many as the Viper. He is a Kurdish terrorist very angry at the world and in possession of anthrax. He knows of an NATO Foreign Minister conference coming up and is planning on doing damage unless Dan Dailey and his partner, bull Bulliard, can stop him.

2 Terminated With Extreme Pleasure Terminated With Extreme Pleasure
Written by David Dehart
Copyright: 2007

The orders handed Dan Dailey were to "identify, locate, and terminate with extreme prejudice" an enemy agent who is planning on killing the President of South Korea in the next few days. Sounds hard enough without someone in their own government doing everything to stop them.


This is a very enjoyable two-book series. It is not pretentious or demanding but best of all it is not disappointing. It reminds me a lot of the many series that came out in the late 60s, quick action adventures with entertaining characters who pop-in and pop-out of a locale, fighting bad guys and flirting with the opposite sex, and getting the job done.

More importantly, they, and this series, do what they are supposed to do - amuse me for a few hours.

I liked Dan Dailey. I liked his partner, Bull. I liked the comaraderie they share and the way the author lets you in on it. It is like a good buddy road trip movie. I went along for the fun, got a good deal of fun out of it, and would be open to another jaunt should they ever give me a call.


My Grade: B+


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