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Full Name: Sophie Green
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kate Johnson
Time Span: 2006 - 2012


Sophie Green is an agent of SO17.

If you have never heard of SO17, you are not alone. Few have, even most of those in the British Intelligence community and forget about those in the business outside the U.K.

It was not always that way. According to the history lesson Green is given shortly after learning of SO17, "Twenty years ago the government set up a special branch of military intelligence, based at Stansted, to deal with illegal airport traffic. Everything from drugs to terrorism. They called it SO17-Special Operations Seventeen. To begin with everything was excellent, the agents did everything they should and caught dozens of bad guys. At the time it was thought Stansted was going to grow into a huge airport, bigger than Heathrow." [For those of you not familiar with British airports, like me, Stansted is on the north-northeast fringe of London. I looked it up.]

Two things happened to push SO17 into relative obscurity. First, the airport did not challenge Heathrow as expected. Second, the agents did their job too well and the bad guys learned to steer clear of that facility. As a result, the money from the government slowed to a trickle and as older agents retired, they were not replaced. But SO17 is still around, still fighting the few bad guys who did not get the message. It is just down to a handful of agents, answering to the boss named One.

Green was not an agent when she first discovered SO17. She was a PSA. [Again for those not in the know, like me, that stands for Passenger Service Agent. I looked that up, too.] It was her job to help take the tickets, shepherd the travelers onto and off of the aircraft, and otherwise make sure the airline industry stays in business.

Now, Green could not say honestly whether she really hated or liked her job. It was a job and since she did not do so well in her last couple years of higher education despite being quite bright (don't listen to her brother), she was happy to have it. Still, she literally jumped at the opportunity to do something different (you'll have to read the first adventure).

Suddenly she was an agent with SO17. She had no training and with the limited budget was not likely to get any other than in the field and her equipment allotment did not include a gun. Still, she was an agent and she did agent-ish stuff and she got a new boyfriend who was already an agent and often people were not trying to kill her.

Life was looking up!


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2008

1 I, Spy? I, Spy?
Written by Kate Johnson
Copyright: 2007

Sophie Green did not really like her job as an airline ticket agent but she had no intention of quitting. Then a coworker turned out to be an undercover agent and her career choice makes a sudden change.

2 Ugley Business Ugley Business
Written by Kate Johnson
Copyright: 2007

Someone is stalking Sophie Green's best friend and Sophie wants to find out who and why. That means she has to look into a 15-year old murder. It also means she has to deal with her partner Luke as well as a Irish gent who flummoxes her a lot.

3 A Is For Apple A Is For Apple
Written by Kate Johnson
Copyright: 2007

Finding anyone in New York City can be difficult but finding an invisible man is even harder. That is the assignment Sophie Green is given. Then things are made even more complicated when she is told she is to pretend to be a teenager and go back to school.

4 Still Waters Still Waters
Written by Kate Johnson
Copyright: 2008

Sophie Green's life is in the pits. She is out of work. She is stuck in a vacation she did not want with an ex-boyfriend, his ex, and two guys that get her all confused. Then a dead body shows up and things really get nuts.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2012

1 The Twelve Lies Of Christmas The Twelve Lies Of Christmas

Copyright: 2006

A prequel look into the life of the world Sophie Green will inhabit. Nate Kelly is a spy about to retire, if he lives that long. Then there is the gorgeous and smart Russian femme fatale who is hacking her way deeper into trouble.

2 Run, Rabbit, Run Run, Rabbit, Run

Copyright: 2012

Sophie Green is not in the spy business anymore. Someone should get the word out. An MI5 officer is shot with her gun and now she is on the lam. Her boyfriend, Luke, is in trouble because he is connected to her and she is connected to a shooting. Things are going to get worse.


Early in the first adventure, the character pays brief homage to Stephanie Plum, the terrific creation of Janet Evanovich. The comment is well placed and well deserved. If you have ever read those books, and I have and I recommend them as great fun, you will see the similarities in basic concept.

The two characters are quick different but the idea of a person being not a little fish-out-of-water as she tangles bad guys is similar. Luckily for Sophie Green's beloved vehicle, the similarities do not include routinely destroying her car.

As spy stories go, they are not close to being intense and are never intended to be. As fun tales to while away the time, they are perfect. One proof of that, IMHO, is that when I finished the first book and knew I had enough to write up something for this site, I instead picked up the second book and kept going. And then the third. That is a compliment.


My Grade: B


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