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Full Name: Nick McQueen
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bryan Cassiday
Time Span: 2010 - 2011


Nick McQueen is a contract agent with the CIA.

Well, he is and he isn't.

As the series begins, he is an unemployed reported, recently let go in the Los Angeles paper he had worked for during their latest round of downsizing. He was released largely because he really was not liked and he was not really liked because he was a caustic ... ah ... jerk.

We find in very short order that his marriage is finished as the lady got tired of his constantly being out of work and his constantly being himself. He is out of a home, out of a family, out of a job, out of friends (if he ever really had any), and $300 dollars away from being out of money.

And then his brother shows up and we find that we can list that man, Barry, as yet another person who really does not like Nick McQueen. Except now Barry, who works for the CIA as a hitman but pretends to be a reporter like his estranged sibling, needs his help so an offer of temporary employment is made and Nick, being so desperate, takes it. [By the way, we find out around that time that Barry is also not really liked very much for largely the same reason so it really begs the question of their upbringing.]

McQueen (Nick, not his brother) is 32 in the first adventure and has apparently already seen a lot in his adult years but what he sees in the next one is a whole lot more and before it is done, Nick will become a hitman like his brother.

Even after his line of work changes, his ability to really annoy just about everyone remains quite high. At times it seems he gets along better with his enemies than his so-called associates and friends, and those guys try to kill him a lot.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2011

1 The Kill Option The Kill Option
Written by Bryan Cassiday
Copyright: 2010

The McQueen brothers did not get along - ever. Now, though, Nick's CIA hitman, pretending to be a reporter like Nick was, needs his help in stopping a Basque hitman from causing a lot of trouble.
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2 The Anaconda Complex The Anaconda Complex
Written by Bryan Cassiday
Copyright: 2011

The kidnapping of a Senator on his doorstep is just the first act in a plot by sadistic terrorists planning on mass murder unless Nick McQueen, on the run from authorities himself, can stop them.
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I am not a fan of Nick McQueen. The writing is alright but not particularly noteworthy. The plot is standard and the characters all bordering on needing a good punch in the nose or worse. I actually found myself more interested in the main bad guy in the first book because he was less of a jerk than the protagonist and the bad guy was a killer and would-be mass murderer.

It puzzles me why someone would bother writing about such a tremendous jerk. I do not ever want a main character be a saint because there is no fun, literally and figuratively, in that but give the man or woman at least some redeeming qualities! Have him befriend a dog, for crying out loud. [If Nick McQueen got a dog, the pooch would bite him.]


My Grade: B-


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