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Full Name: Buck and Dolly Madison
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: William Penn
Time Span: 2001 - 2013


Buck and Dolly Madison are agents of the CIA.

Officially they might be retired, or not. With the Madisons it is often hard to tell. Retirement does not suit either one of them so even though they have reached the age where they could chuck it all, it is not likely they would.

Buck is James Buckley Madison. It is obvious where his nickname comes from and no one who calls him anything would use his given name. He has been Buck to everyone for as long as anyone can remember.

Dolly is Melissa Madison but again no one calls her that. Since the time she married Buck 30 years before, the nickname of Dolly seemed appropriate and since she liked it, Dolly it has been for three decades.

Buck had been an officer in the Paratroopers, rising to the rank of Colonel during his full 20 years of military service. After retiring, he accepted a job with the CIA and worked for them nearly 20 more. Now 60, he is still in good physical condition and is pleased to still have his own hair, though quite a bit grayer than it once was. He is supposed to be retired but as mentioned above, that is not the whole truth. Should something come up, which it did now and then, he was available.

Dolly was also an employee of the CIA being a very good analyst specializing in China and the Far East. She may have actually retired but her knowledge and experience were such that she was always on call so, being as smart as she was, she kept up with all she could. She is described as "a 'purple-suiter,' someone who could see beyond the parochial interests of just one service." When with the Agency, she split her time between Langley and Hong Kong. In her years she worked not only with fellow agents but also with MI-5, the FBI, and the Secret Service.

Both Buck and Dolly are, if true be told, adventure junkies. They also love travel and hitting new places and with each being an experienced licensed pilot, they can get themselves to places even if no one wants to. Once there, should trouble happen, both are very capable of taking care of themselves. Buck is a marksman. Dolly is a master at "kajukenbo", a style of martial arts best described as dirty street fighting. She is a black belt in Karate, Judo, Kendo, Karate, and Kung Fu.

Messing with either is not a smart thing.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2013

1 The Grand Conspiracy The Grand Conspiracy
Written by William Penn
Copyright: 2001

Fidel Castro sends his top assassin to eliminate the Presidents of the U.S. and Russia as they vacation in the mountain of Colorado. Buck and Dolly find themselves forced into action even though they have no great love of either men.
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2 The Panama Conspiracy The Panama Conspiracy
Written by William Penn
Copyright: 2003

Swearing vengeance on Buck and Dolly Madison, Castro will do anything to get even. When the Chinese ask him to help in blocking the Panama Canal, he is willing.
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3 The Berlin Conspiracy The Berlin Conspiracy
Written by William Penn
Copyright: 2010

Blaming Buck Madison for helping kill Bin Laden, Abu Amed, the new second-in-command of al Qaeda, wants revenge. The President wants Amed and asks the Madisons to be bait for a trap.
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4 JFK: The Umbrella Conspiracy JFK: The Umbrella Conspiracy
Written by William Penn
Copyright: 2013

Powerful people in pre-WWII England sympathized with the Nazi objectives and tried to help that side when war came. Now descendants of some killed in the war are out to get revenge on them. Somehow, the assassination of JFK was involved.
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Two types of books come out of the same pages in this four-volume series: action adventures with Buck and Dolly taking on some pretty nasty and impressive bad guys, and travelogues letting the reader know what they would see if they ever went to these places and what they might do.

Both are quite interesting and worth the time spent reading them. The reading is also easy on the eyes and brain with the very important descriptions (especially for the travel guides parts) are very well done. It is obvious the writers knew their business.


My Grade: B


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