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Full Name: Jonas Blackthorne
Codename: Witch Doctor
Nationality: Australian
Organization: S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andy Semple
Time Span: 2008 - 2013


Jonas Blackthorne is an agent with S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L.

S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. is a top secret Australian intelligence organization, considered "private" because it worked outside the official channels, unknown to virtually everyone except its members and the Prime Minister and Chief-of-Staff. Its funding came from the black ops budget which is fitting because that is largely the sort of work its people did. The acronym stood for Strategic Enforcement, National Terrorism Intelligence Network, Espionage and Logistics, a significant mouthful.

As the recorded adventures begin, Blackthorne is not yet a member of this bureau being a man in need of something important to do. This highly athletic and vigorous man in his late 30s had a year and half before left the military where he had reached the rank of Major in the Special Forces elite SAS. Fourteen years of service in that branch had resulted in a stellar reputation and numerous commendations and medals.

His departure was at his own request for early release, coming after a particularly nasty operation went horribly wrong and two of his men were killed. Blackthorne blamed himself but soon learned that it had been an accidental leak by a major politician that had brought enemy forces against them. When it was decided that for the good of the country the entire matter would be dropped, he had had enough and wanted out.

Out was not something he was good at, though, and neither was sitting around doing nothing. When he is pressed into service, unofficially at the time, in the first adventure, his success will result in being offered new employment and a new career. He takes it.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2013

1 Witch Doctor's Vengeance Witch Doctor's Vengeance
Written by Andy Semple
Copyright: 2008

The night before a major vote in the Australian Senate, one of his members is assassinated and a message sent to the other members and the press: "Stop your partisan politics and restore power to the people or more of you will die!"
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2 Eden Prime Eden Prime
Written by Andy Semple
Copyright: 2010

Once a peaceful environmental group, the Eden Movement, has been usurped by an individual known only as the Prime. The goal of the organization now is removing military leaders using deadly viruses. Blackthorne is sent to stop them.

3 Australia Day Australia Day
Written by Andy Semple
Copyright: 2013

An Indonesian Islamic extremist group is planning to explode several dirty bombs in Sydney. While the government think they have stopped the plot, Jonas Blackthorne is certain there is more going to happen.
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I enjoyed a fair amount two of the three books in the series. The other book, stuck in the middle, is one I cannot find anywhere!. It is like the pages all went poof. And that is a shame because, as I said, I did like the other two.

Blackthorne is a rugged man who does not really suffer fools well and, unfortunately for him, there seem be a fair number of fools getting in his way. Well, in truth there seem to be an abundance of fools throwing themselves in his path and he spends a lot of time throwing them every which way and none land too gently.

Gentle is not a word you would really associate with the kind of situations Blackthorne gets involved in. "Over the top" is a more accurate description. The author sees some huge problems that need to be discussed and turns them into adventures involving Blackthorne. He, naturally, manages to survive each of these troubles but a whole lot of other people do not. The body counts get a bit high.

If you are interested in super heavy action and lots of mayhem, you should check out this series.


My Grade: B


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