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Full Name: Wyman Ford
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Douglas Preston
Time Span: 2005 - 2014


Wyman Ford is a private investigator.

For many years prior to the start of the series, Ford was a CIA operative and a very good one by all accounts. His wife was also with the Firm and they made a fine pair, working in various countries around the globe and, from the sound of it, having a terrific time. That ended when an incident in Cambodia took her life and took Ford's will to live or do anything else.

After a severe bout of depression, Ford, a devout Catholic, visited a Benedictine monastery in the southwestern U.S., staying there for a couple of years. An matter that came up during his time with the Brothers is told in the first adventure and after it was over and he felt able to get on with his life, he chose his new profession.

As private eyes go, or CIA agents for that matter, Ford has to rank pretty high up on the educational charts. As we learn early in the second adventure, and the first one to have him as the main character, Ford obtained a B.A. in anthropology from Harvard, not an easy task. He then went on to earn a Masters in Computer Sciences from nearby M.I.T. and completed his schooling with a doctorate in cybernetics. His expertise in cryptology and computers is without question.

His cases fall very much into the sort of work he likely might have done had he continued with the CIA though they come to him from quite different directions, the primary one being the science advisor to the American President. This man, Stanton Lockwood III, is an important man in America's capital and not adverse to the idea of becoming more important. The cases he sends Ford all seem relatively dull to the advisor but do not turn out that way.

The adventures detailed in the books all revolve around the jobs handed him by Lockwood but a year or two fall between each and from the sound of things, Ford's work during that time has not been light but apparently nowhere near as dangerous and challenging. Likely that is why, despite Ford's uttered wishes the assignments not "be like the last one", he does not hesitate to answer the call.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2014

1 Tyrannosaur Canyon Tyrannosaur Canyon
Written by Douglas Preston
Copyright: 2005

Millions of years ago, it came from the depths of space to smash onto the planet. Now it could be the greatest discovery ever or it could bring great ruin to everything. It lay buried in the the U.S. southwest and lots of people will kill for it. For Wyman Ford it is a chance to live again.
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2 Blasphemy Blasphemy
Written by Douglas Preston
Copyright: 2008

In Arizona, a super-collider has been built under the direction of a Nobel prize winning physicist hoping to unlock the secrets of the universe. A powerful televangelist is determined to destroy this product of the Devil. Wyman Ford is hired by the government to look into some very strange findings made thus far.

3 Impact Impact
Written by Douglas Preston
Copyright: 2010

Wyman Ford is hired to lead a very secret expedition into Cambodia to find where some extraordinary gemstones are coming from, stones that may not be from this planet. That is just the beginning for a mission that even involves something apparently happening on Mars.

4 The Kraken Project The Kraken Project
Written by Douglas Preston
Copyright: 2014

Kraken Mare is the largest sea on Titan, a moon of Saturn. A space probe is being prepared to check it out but that device needs extremely capable software. The AI a female programmer has devised will do nicely but it proves a lot more intelligent than thought. Wyman Ford is called in to help in the investigation as to what happened to it.
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Douglas Preston is one of the best writers of science-adventures in the business. He is often teamed with Lincold Child, creating outstanding modern day tales which mix ancient prophecies with state-of-the-art technology to come up with their own unique magical wordcraft. As good as they are together, they each have shown themselves able to fly solo with ease.

The Wyman Ford books are but one set of adventures that Mr. Preston has done on his own. My enjoyment of them being very high, I hope he finds time to keep Ford busy.

One major aspect I find so appealing with the Preston books, as well as the Preston-Child books, is that they present science in a way that makes me feel like I kinda, sorta get it. I'm sure I do not, really, but gosh darn it, I feel like I do. I appreciate that in a writer.


My Grade: A-


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