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Full Name: Max
Codename: Agent M
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roger D. Grubbs
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Agent M is an agent with the British Secret Service.

The "M" stands for Max, itself short for Maxine though she reminds people regularly (and curtly if they do not get it the first time) that she does not like being called Maxine. Max it is.

Her exact age is not specified but she is likely in her very early 30s at the most and more likely in her late 20's. This is based on the "years" of service she has already performed. In the period she has managed to create an impressive record of successes and a reputation for getting the job done. Not, however, that that seems to matter to her bosses for no matter how well she has done in the past, there is more than a bit of 'but can she really do the job.'

The job in question is largely the same - eliminating the enemies of the British government. In most cases it appears to be foreign problems but criminals sometimes rise to the occasion. To achieve the success she has done so far, she has trained to the point of exceptional skill.

Many times in the pages of her recorded adventures, mention is made of her incredible beauty and her dynamite shape, making her irresistible to her targets and getting them actually anxious for her to be near. Once there, her athleticism and her training in all forms of combat and hand-to-hand fighting make her a most deadly weapon. Add to that the fact that behind her gorgeous looks is a brain that can out-think most people and her usefulness to any mission is incredible.

Helping her on occasion is the equally beautiful and resourceful Virginia.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Agent M Agent M
Written by Roger D. Grubbs
Copyright: 2014

On an assignment to take out a particularly dangerous man who, unfortunately for them knew they were coming, Agent M and her associate, Victoria, are kidnapped. The mystery of who their captor was, why he was holding them, and how he knew of their mission is just beginning of their adventure.
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2 Pandora's Box Pandora's Box
Written by Roger D. Grubbs
Copyright: 2015

A CIA agent in Bangkok has come upon information of a terrorist plot. Max is sent to Thailand to check it out. There she comes back into contact with an old acquaintance, a relationship that complicates her mission but might just help save it.
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3 Twisted Minds Twisted Minds
Written by Roger D. Grubbs
Copyright: 2015

A 13-year old computer hacker accidentally learns of an upcoming terrorist attack and Agent M, Max, is assigned to the case. Not knowing who the culprits are or what is planned is just the beginning of her troubles.
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I had some major problems with this series and I really, really wanted to like it. The covers are terrific eye-candy even for an old duffer like myself so I was hoping that the books would be a delightful. They were not. The writing is not bad by any means. The problem is with the logic of the stories.

Max is an agent hardened by many years and many, many missions of death and she still can blush and get flummoxed with getting personal. That did not make sense.

Max is a killer who can and will dispatch people at the blink of an eye but she seems to waver quite a bit. Now, thinking before taking a life is a good thing but not the way it is written. It just reads wrong.

And worst of all is that Max is said to have killed "hundreds" of enemies of the country. This was written, not a dialogue where you can discount it as hyperbole or bragging or just plain lying, but in prose as a statement of fact. The believability factor is far beyond my ability and this is a guy who has enjoyed vampire and werewolf spy stories.


My Grade: B-


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