Full Name: Hunter Blacke
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Hunter Blacke
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


       Hunter Blacke is an agent with an unnamed American agency.
       The bureau is not necessarily ultra secret, at least not as Blacke talks about it. He just does not give any clues about its title or location other than it is American. He also does not let on how long he has been an operative but it seems like a fair amount of time because his position is secure enought that he can annoy his boss without worry.
       As a cover for his real job, Blacke operates as a specialist in hotel reconstruction and renovation. He might work on other things, like restaurants and such, given the odd hint or comment but hotels, or resorts, are his mainstay and apparently he is quite good at it. He is also trained as a tour operator and expert in tourism which has to come easily since he travels the world already looking for places companies can build new facilities or ways to fix up sagging older places.
       For his official job, he would go to a region and study it so he might give advice to whoever was hiring him how best to build a hotel, market it to become known, and how to learn who the good guys in the area were and who were the bad guys.
       As he travels all over doing very legitimate work for legitimate companies, he can also take the time to handle assignments for his agency. His being an expert in fixing up damaged property comes in handy at the end of some of his missions because where he goes, bad things do to. "I was a shadow. Wherever I went chaos would follow," is how he put in once.
       While he was trained in close combat as well as ways of extracting information from people, willingly or otherwise, when it came to doing his job, his attitude was to gather the intel anyway necessary and then "get the hell out of the circumstance" without leaving evidence he was there. His success rate had to be good to be constantly called for but he modestly remarks that he felt his skill levels were "adequate to the task".
       One other thing beside travel and adventure that Blacke likes, and which he will spend a good deal of time talking about, is the food at the areas he visits. He adores trying new dishes and new beverages and then telling his opinion.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

       These adventures are marketed as books so I put them in this section but in truth their size make them more novellas. They are very, very fast reads which, if you are looking for fast adventures, is not a bad thing.


       These books, which elsewhere I mention are more oversized novellas, are extremely fast reads. They suffer badly from a lack of editting, either with grammar or pacing and more than once the author contradicts himself in the storyline. Not enough to cause trouble, mind you, but enough to be noticable and distracting. A character might enter a room, sit down, talk for a minute or two, and then be invited to sit and join the party. Again, nothing bad, just off.
       Having pointed out a flaw, I want to point out that Blacke has some quite interesting comments here and there that make reading the stories fun. He has a droll wit about him and since he is in foreign countries with people who do not know him, his side comments can slip by the people he is talking with but not the reader. They definitely add to the stories.
       One big plus this series has is the fact that the main character, being an experience tour operator, can really describe well the region of the Caucauses where the stories take place. The author does a very good job here.
       These stories could use some help but the author is improving over the six adventures.


My Grade: B


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