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Full Name: Jeremiah Flynn
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jerome J. Foody
Time Span: 2010 - 2015


Jeremiah Flynn is an agent with the CIA.

He is, in fact, probably their very best agent, a man they can and do throw into a nasty situation with little intel and less backup and expect him to save the day. Well, sometimes they expect that favorable result and other times, it seems at least to him, they just toss and hope for the best.

Flynn is a terrific operative without a doubt. He is that because he is smart, resourceful, athletically gifted, and most of all, he loves his work. He will tell you over and over that he does not and that he would love to quit the Agency but truth be told, he cannot live without the thrill of pitting oneself against a dangerous enemy with the stakes crazy high.

Speaking of quitting, he sort of does that a couple of times and once or twice his bosses more or less quit him but then the world forces things back into place and another mission ensues.

Some say, incorrectly, that Flynn is successful because he has friends in high places. They allude to the rumored (and true) affair Flynn had with a newly elected and drop-dead gorgeous first female Vice President. Their facts about it helping his career are far from true, though. As Flynn could testify, though he never would, make friends with someone powerful and you also make a lot of jealous enemies and when love affair end, as they often do, they seldom do it for the better.

So along with a lot of very naughty people and groups out in the world that Flynn has to fight and vanquish, he has a host of troubling peoples behind him loving the chance to stab him in the back - or toss him into a dark cell - and then do the stabbing.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2015

1 A Capitol Conspiracy A Capitol Conspiracy
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2010

A plot is underway that can destroy the administration of the first female US President, if not her life, and Jeremiah Flynn gets drawn into it, spurred partly by the fact that the woman was once Flynn's lover.

2 Rise of the Crescent Moon Rise of the Crescent Moon
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2010

An international cabal called "The Elite" and led by a North Korean calling himself the "Tiger" wants to control the world's oil supply as well as reunite the Korean peninsula. Jeremiah Flynn is out to stop them and they are out to kill him.

3 Flynn's Revenge Flynn's Revenge
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2011

A terrorist named Milazzo has kidnapped the daughter of the Chinese Premier and the U.S. government in drawn into the trouble with Milazzo demanding a ransom consisting of a large amount of gold and the head of Jeremiah Flynn.

4 Black Mamba Black Mamba
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2012

The U.S. President has sent Special Forces troops into Central Africa to take down a warlord but they have been unable to achieve their goal and the elections are nearing, making her look bad. Jeremiah Flynn is pushed into the fray to pull off a miracle.

5 Flynn Betrayed Flynn Betrayed
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2012

As Iran's nuclear research reaches a new high, someone is targeting the heads of the West's intelligence communities. Jeremiah Flynn is sent in to get to the truth.

6 Angel Of Death Angel Of Death
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2013

Hundreds of school children in the U.S. and U.K. are killed in attacks by an Indonesian Islamic terrorist. Jeremiah Flynn is set to go up against the band and its insane leader when he is pulled from the mission by the Vice President, temporarily in charge and no friend to Flynn.
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7 Justice Justice
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2013

Now retired from the CIA and practicing law, Jeremiah Flynn becomes involved in a case with the Mafia and uncovers a plot by a rival family to conspire against the U.S. government.
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8 Flynn's Quest Flynn's Quest
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2014

Flynn's love, MI6 agent Kristen Shults, is missing and Flynn, back with the Agency, embarks on a quest to find her. This is complicated by a new mission to stop a bio-terrorist from bringing a toxin to the Syrian government to use against its rebels.

9 T.O.T.A.L. Flynn T.O.T.A.L. Flynn
Written by Jerome J. Foody
Copyright: 2015

A former member of "The Elite" has resurfaced in a group calling itself T.O.T.A.L. and intent on bringing a new brand of terrorism against America and its allies, as well as get revenge on Jeremiah Flynn.


If you like an adventurous ride, this is a series to check out. It is full of lots of intense action with knives flashing and bullets flying and bombs exploding.

If you like duplicitous poop-heads running governments and organizations, ready to turn on their own mothers for a nickel, this is most decidedly a series for you. There is really, apparently, nobody worth a tinker's anything anywhere in authority. Worse, it seems if you help someone out, not only does that make others really upset, it makes the helpee resent the help.

That makes for a rather depressing series of tales, though, and it does get quite old. And you have to wonder how much of an adrenaline junkie Flynn must be to keep dealing with this nonsense over and over.

But if you want fast action and really good bad guys to have to beat up, you will like Flynn.


My Grade: B+


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