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Full Name: Mark Cole
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. T. Brannan
Time Span: 2014 - 2020


Mark Cole is an agent with the CIA.

He is a deniable asset - not really on the books and therefore not the responsibility of the Agency should he be caught eliminating one or a dozen of the enemies of the U.S. He has had many missions as a non-official killer and a lot of people have ceased to breathe because of his actions and still the CIA does not admit he exists because in truth, he does not.

His real name was Mark Antoni Kowalski and he had been an American citizen in good standing. He had chosen to join the Armed Services when his service was sorely needed and he gave it his best. That best meant trying out and making the grade in the elite SEAL organization. He had been a part of SEAL Team Two for a time and then with SEAL Team Six before connecting with the covert section Systems Research Group.

A mission gone bad resulted in his being captured and sent to prison in Pakistan. When he was rescued from it finally, he was offered an interesting proposition. He was asked to be labeled Killed In Action. Mark Kowalski died. Mark Cole came into existence.

In the Agency he was known as 'the Asset'. He had no idea if he was the only one or not. He never worked with others. He did what he did on his own and he was very, very good at it. Years of service and danger and missions around the globe honed him to a fine edge. But eventually those assignments were not enough. He needed more from life.

He found it in Sarah and their small beach side home. And their two children. Life was good.

Good is fleeting. And when good goes away, or is taken away in Cole's case, very bad remains and Cole is quite adept at being very bad.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2020

1 Stop At Nothing Stop At Nothing
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2014

Mark Cole had hoped he was retired but he is asked to come back for one more mission - take out the head of the CIA's Clandestine Operations. Doing so makes him and his family a target.
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1.5 Seven Day Hero Seven Day Hero
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2015

A re-imagining of the first storyline (Stop At Nothing, pondering what if Mark Cole was not an American agent but a British one. This is not considered part of the same universe.
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2 Whatever The Cost Whatever The Cost
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2014

A Chinese cargo ship is hijacked in the South Pacific. North Korea has plans to take over their southern neighbor. Terrorists in Saudi Arabia look close to toppling that government. Mark Cole needs something to occupy his time and mind and this looks like it.
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3 Beyond All Limits Beyond All Limits
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2014

A coup in China results in a war-hawk general in charge and determined to cripple the US and take most of the Pacific. Mark Cole and his team is sent by the President to stop him.
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4 Never Say Die Never Say Die
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2015

On vacation in Japan, Mark Cole is available to check out two situations - the killing of a major crime leader opening up a gang war and the move by a right-wing group to try a coup.
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5 Pledge Of Honor Pledge Of Honor
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2015

A terrorist attack on a London school bus is thought to be a one-off event but Mark Cole and the Force One team find proof that it was state sponsored and just the first of more and worse attacks. Cole decides to investigate.
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6 Lone Patriot, The Lone Patriot, The
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2016

A horrific terrorist attack has the U.S. President looking at Iran as the culprit and in need of justice. Mark Cole thinks the real cause is somewhere in Russia where actions by that nation's leader shows a deeper plan.
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7 Against All Odds Against All Odds
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2017

When the U.S. President dies in a violent method, his replacement, Clark Mason, reveals just how corrupt he can be and part of that is to shut down those he feels might pose a threat to his plans. That includes Force One and leaves Mark Cole hunted by his own nation.
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8 No Holding Back No Holding Back
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2018

China has used turmoil throughout the governments of the world to move a lot of troops into Mexico on the pretense of fighting the cartels. Those troops are now massing along the US border and Mark Cole is certain what is coming. Unfortunately, he and his team is still being hunted by the President.
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9 Covert Ops Covert Ops
Written by J. T. Brannan
Copyright: 2020

Book 1 in the Force One sub-series. As the U.S. and Iran engage in war, India and Pakistan start their hostilities again. Mark Cole thinks that a terrorist cell is behind it all and directs his Force One team to head to the region.


The writing you will find in this series is pretty darn good. The action is heavy and the bad guys are really bad and the need to do some serious butt-kicking comes through loud and clear. And Mark Cole does that kicking with the best of 'em.

Unfortunately for my enjoyment of this series, it was pretty obvious from the first few pages you meet Cole and his family what was going to happen. And it happened in a particularly brutal and nasty way and it was so unbelievable and illogical and just plain stupid that the rest of the series was wasted. I skimmed the books. I had no interest in them, really.

They might have been quite good. I will never know. The author killed off innocents just to give the hero a reason to go ballistic. Now such tragic happenings have been in fiction since the days of Greek tragedies and probably long before. I just get tired of it.


My Grade: B


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