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Full Name: Gage Hartline
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Chuck Driskell
Time Span: 2013 - 2015


Gage Hartline is a freelance agent.

He has not always been a for-hire operative but then again, he has not always been Gage Hartline.

Born Matthew Schoenfeld, he was a man who very much enjoyed a challenge and always came out on top when he found one. He enlisted in the military as a young man and excelled from the beginning. "He'd aced nearly everything he was ever tasked with, making sergeant in only two short years." When required attendence at a Special Forces seminar gave him a chance to see how difficult an undertaking that would be, he knew right away he was in.

Wanting in and getting in are always two different things and the obstacles the trainers threw at everyone was fantastic but Schoenfeld refused to give up, ending the rigorous training at the top of his class, broken foot and all. Being as good as he was got him noticed by a Colonel in charge of an ultra-secret branch, created to do the jobs that Delta, being watched all the time, could not be seen doing.

It was so secret that Schoenfeld, who had no family, ceased to exist and Gage Hartline came into being.

His training continued with language school to learn Russian and German followed by more instruction into all the things an undercover operative, needing to work often behind enemy lines, should know. He learned very well. And his record in the field was impressive to say the least.

Then came the debacle at Crete and the end of his career and the start of the headaches.

The migraines were horrendous. The nightmares even worse. Stopping cigarettes and booze helped some. So did sunglasses, often even at night. The work that he took kept him busy but after Crete, his willingness to do wet work limited his opportunities.

As the series progresses, his world will get worse and then better but always interesting. And always challenging. Just the way he still liked it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Diaries The Diaries
Written by Chuck Driskell
Copyright: 2013

Gage Hartline thought this job was just a simple surveillance but he soon found it was far more as a set of diaries written by one of Hitler's lovers is discovered and lots of different groups want it. They are very willing to step on anyone in their way and Hartline seems to be blocking them.
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2 To The Lions To The Lions
Written by Chuck Driskell
Copyright: 2013

The son of a wealthy crime boss in Spain has been sentenced to the notorious Berga Prison. Gage Hartline is hired by the boss to get sent there to be the young man's protection.
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3 Soldier of Misfortune Soldier of Misfortune
Written by Chuck Driskell
Copyright: 2015

At a particularly low point in his life, Gage Hartline agrees to a mission unlike anything he has done before - purposely heading out to kill a man. The target is an American living in Peru who is stealing cocaine from the cartels to sell on his own, then killing those people helping him.
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4 In Her Defense In Her Defense
Written by Chuck Driskell
Copyright: 2015

Not understanding who would want to kill the attractive young woman known as the Ukranian Oil Princess, Gage Hartline signs on to help keep her alive. She is not used to taking orders, though, and doing his job keeps getting harder.
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I was not sure how I would take to Gage Hartline but my worries were groundless. I took to him just fine. Really fine, in fact, as I devoured the first couple of books and looked forward to more.

The writing is a very good reason for the way I liked the books as it is crisp and clean with enough description to help you see the location and then get out of the way of the story. The characters are believable and fun, even the bad guys - well, a few of the bad guys are bad enough to make you glad when they are no more. The dialogue is realistic.

Hartline is an interesting man who does not shirk from taking the hard road when he feels it necessary and a couple of times, it seems, just because he wants to.

I hope the author keeps giving us Hartline adventures because the character is solid and so is the writer.


My Grade: A-


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