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Full Name: Henrietta Hardin and James Knight
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Horace Shoerr
Time Span: 2001 - 2001


Henrietta Hardin and James Knight are agents of the CIA.

Of the pair, only one could really be considered an operative, that being Knight. The other, Hardin, is an agent in name only.

Hardin came to work for the Company straight out of university. She was first considered when she was one of many given a test by the Special Affairs Section to see who could come closest to actually breaking an unbreakable code. She broke it.

The Agency was stunned when someone actually broke that code but she was even more surprised as she had always been terribly dyslexic and reading anything was a challenge. Still, she was the first and only one to crack the code so she was offered a job. That offer was soon being reconsidered when her dyslexia started causing problems like not being able to find her way around the offices. Also troubling was the newly discovered prescription drugs she was taking to handle the stress she was constantly feeling.

She was on her way out the door permanently when she appealed to her uncle, who happened to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was made clear to the powers-that-be at the CIA that if they wanted a budget higher than $20, his niece would have a job with them for at least 20 years. Uncle Speaker very much loved his niece, despite believing that she truly was more than a little bonkers.

Hardin is nervous about everything. That is why she needs the meds so badly. Taking them makes her sad at times, though, which is why she drinks - a lot. For reasons they never quite mentioned, those same Powers that kept her employed also decided being out in the field was better than in the office, which is how she became an active agent.

Knight was a totally different animal. He was a real agent having worked all over the world and done lots of things no one talked about anymore, all under orders and all for the "good cause". Still, leaderships change and Administrations come and go and bring and take with them orders and directives that subsequent Leaders might not approve of, leaving the folks in charge often employing people they would prefer not to acknowledge.

Such was the case at the time of this series' start. Knight was one of those who knew too much, were too darn dangerous to try and kill, and who refused to get themselves dispatched by the enemy. And Knight knew too much to push out the door since the news media was so close and angry people with their facts straight are a dangerous proposition. It was deemed far better that Knight be kept busy doing things no one cared about and no one questioned.

Knight and Hardin do not know each other at the beginning of the series. They had just met when the trouble started. Trouble does have a way of getting people acquainted quite quickly which is what happens here. The two will not be the same afterwards.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2001

1 Run Weasel Run Run Weasel Run
Written by Horace Shoerr
Copyright: 2001

A Russian FSB agent wants to defect, taking with him a CD full of stolen information what many will kill for. He thinks it will make him rich. Hardin and Knight are the agents the CIA send to find him and they must fight assassins, survivalists, and sleeper agents to do so.
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2 The Bear Fax The Bear Fax
Written by Horace Shoerr
Copyright: 2001

A Presidential Eyes-Only report on the status of oil supply has gone missing. Normally the FBI would be called in but they are reeling from an internal scandal so the CIA offers the help of two agents - Hardin and Knight.
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3 A Golden Opportunity A Golden Opportunity
Written by Horace Shoerr
Copyright: 2001

The file lost by the FBI talks about a plot to steal four truckloads of gold from Fort Knox. Then the Director of the FBI goes missing. Hardin and Knight are directed by the CIA to find the file, the Director, and the gold but exactly what order they should do it is not said.
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Knight is a cool, resourceful, highly experienced agent who can take care of himself in any circumstance.

Hardin is a nut job who should only be allowed outside because there is more room to duck. And duck you will have to. Or jump out of the way. Or run. She is a disaster waiting to happen and you do not have to wait long.

This is at times a fun series, at times a funny one, and at times far too over the top. The last is usually when Hardin is active but not always.

It is a slapstick satire kind of series that lampoons virtually everything which can be great in small doses but can grate with prolonged exposure. Many of the characters (a very apt word for them) are more like cariacatures with their quirks and foibles and oddities on prominent display. This can make them amusing and interesting at first but not really so believable, which obviously was the author's intention.

I would recommend a chapter here and one there and you can have a good time with it. Too much at one time is like digging into your third key lime pie of the day - not as welcome as the first bite was.


My Grade: B


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