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Full Name: Robin Monarch
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Sullivan
Time Span: 2012 - 2014


Robin Monarch is a thief.

That's what he tells people he meets, delighting in being honest about his dishonesty. He is not lying, either, for he has spent a good deal of his life as a thief and has not had any desire to not be one.

He comes by his profession naturally if not genetically. His mother was a beautiful con artist. His father was a skilled acrobat who used that ability to be a darn good second-story man. Together they made a pair of crooks that bamboozled their way around the world, taking their young son along with them and teaching him all the tricks they knew. Robin learned to blend in virtually everywhere, aided by a photographic memory, a talent for languages (he eventually learned 8), and a dusky complexion inherited from his mother. He grasped most of the concepts of the con, long and short, and he was trained by his father to find a way into the inaccessible.

His world came to a shattering end at 14 when his parents conned the wrong person, a member of the powerful Peron family in Argentina, and paid for their mistake with their lives in a hail of bullets while Robin watched helplessly. He fled from the killers but with no where to go and no one to help. His lifestyle got progressively worse until he landed in the worst slum in Buenes Aires, near death. He was rescued by a member of a street gang which called itself the Brotherhood of Thieves. With them he learned to survive and he learned the 18 Rules that the groups lived by, rules he would maintain in his adult life. Several years with the Brotherhood passed until a falling out nearly cost him his life and forced a drastic change, recommended by the nun who nursed him back to health.

That change would bring him back to the States and a stint in the military. His skills took him to the Rangers and from there to the highly pretigious JSOC. He had found a new home with new challenges and rewards. Seven years would pass with him having no desire to see it change. It did change, though, when a small fortune in gold destined for Afghanistan went missing and Monarch, with his criminal past, was the prime suspect. His trial was swift and his punishment severe - Leavenworth.

That was where the CIA found him and made an offer - steal for us. Yet another life change, but most importantly, it got him out from behind bars.

It would last a while but when he learned things he should not have, he left yet again. He went back to the life he had known for some time, that of a thief, but with a difference. He no longer wanted to enrich himself but used most of the proceeds from his thievery to help the nun who had helped him.

Once in a while, though, the American government comes to call for help. Being a man of action, he is prone to accept the request. Being a thief, he makes sure he is compensated for his work. And whether he is on his own or working with a small cadre of people who he trusts and who trust him, Monarch never forgets that Rule #1 in his list of 18 is "You have a right to survive."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2014

1 Rogue Rogue
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2012

One of the CIA's best agents at black bag ops, Robin Monarch surprised everyone one when in the middle of a mission he just walked away. Two years later, now a highly successful thief, Monarch is pressured to get back into the cloak-and-dagger work, completing his earlier mission.
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1.5 Brotherhood and Other Stories Brotherhood and Other Stories
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2013

A collection of three Robin Monarch novellas: Brotherhood, Art of Rendition, and Escape Artist. See the Novella section for details.
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2 Outlaw Outlaw
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2013

Involved in highly secret negotiations, the US Secretary of State and foreign ministers from both China and India are kidnapped aboard a ship in the South China Sea. Robin Monarch is asked by the President to find a way to rescue them.
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3 Thief Thief
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2014

Billionaire Beau Arsenault is as ruthless as he is rich but that is the man Robin Monarch is planning on ripping off to fund orphans and street kids. What he steals, though, will lead him to far greater adventures.
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013

1 Brotherhood Brotherhood
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2012

As Robin Monarch is offered a chance to get out of prison and work for the CIA, his first job is to sneak into a highly secure area in a war-zone and steal something without being detected. Various events cause him to remember how he got his start as a thief.
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2 Art Of Rendition Art Of Rendition
Written by Mark Sullivan
Copyright: 2013

Any good CIA agent might be able to kidnap for interrogation the scientist selling technology to the Iranians but it needs someone of Robin Monarch's skill to put him back without anyone knowing it happened, including the scientist.
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3 Escape Artist Escape Artist
Written by
Copyright: 2013

The Congo is the scene where the largest, most perfect diamond ever found is being auctioned by a rebel leader. Robin Monarch's job is to steal it which is complicated because an army is guarding it.
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The thing that grabbed me first and most when reading the Robin Monarch adventures was the same feeling that I felt when I read, or re-read, the first of the Ian Fleming books - a sense of excitement and danger. The two characters are quite different, it is important to remember that, but the excitement is there. I also felt a wonderful similarity to John Robie of To Catch A Thief with his hobnobbing with the rich and lazy while casing their goodies.

I might throw in Al Mundy from It Takes A Thief but Al tended to shy away from confrontation unless forced while Monarch, with his Special Forces training, was more than a little apt to tap the bad guy on the shoulder and introduce himself.

Do not get the idea that Monarch is a superhero. He does make mistakes. Why else would he be in a prison cell when the CIA came to call? But he is a survivor and even better, he is a man who knows the key to success is how well you handle Plan B. Monarch is very, very good with improvising.

I truly hope that there will be more and more adventures with Monarch. There are lots of exciting things a high-class thief can do, especially when the government is doing the asking.


My Grade: A

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simibond A+ 8/4/2015 6:57:38 AM

Robin Monarch is not exactly a spy but that's what is so great about him and about the novels

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