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Full Name: Daniel Shandon
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Vance Duplechin
Time Span: 2011 - 2012


Daniel Shandon is a marketing specialist.

He is both a rookie at business and a major success at it. Shortly after graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Management, and as the series just started, Shandon took a beginner position in the Marketing department of a major casino in Las Vegas, a place where he had interned during his college years. He would luck into a chance to show how good he could be and he more than made a hit, thrusting this young man into the white collar spotlight.

His foray into the shadowy world of intrigue and danger would come by way of his father, a highly trained and experienced Secret Service agent who was both great at his job and pretty lousy at being a father. There had never been any trouble in young Shandon's relationship with his father but with the elder being gone more than he was home, there was a divide.

Still, there had to have been enough during his formative years that Shandon picked up many interesting skills from his dad, one of which would be shown throughout his college years. Over those four years, Shandon was a part of the Campus Commandos, put together by a professor who was a retired Special Forces Marine. The Commandos hunted each other. Paint pellets were used to eliminate the enemy. The rules were simple and few and the "danger" constant. Shandon was the best there had been in the nearly two decades it had been going on. He had amassed a fair number of victories and had never been hit. Despite becoming a legend and therefore the prime objective of every other "operative", no one had succeeded. His ability to constantly survey his environment, spotting likely places for hidden enemies as well as ways to get out of trouble were impressive to say the least.

When his father is murdered, shortly after the first book begins and Shandon is thrust into his father's world, those skills which were used for fun and entertainment would suddenly become vital to his staying alive as he seeks who killed the senior Shandon and even more so later when called upon to take on other assignments.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2012

1 The Orion Sanction The Orion Sanction
Written by Vance Duplechin
Copyright: 2011

When his Secret Service father is murdered in front of him in Las Vegas, Daniel Shandon is determined to find out why. This puts him and his friends up against the Orion Sector, a covert intelligence group.
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2 The Orion Signature The Orion Signature
Written by Vance Duplechin
Copyright: 2011

A rebel band has gotten their hands on a large supply of deadly weapons they had wanted to sell to the Orion Sector but with its leader out of the way, they kidnap Daniel Shandon's fiancée to force his help in selling them.
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3 The Orion Sector The Orion Sector
Written by Vance Duplechin
Copyright: 2012

Someone is planning to use a new tech electric magnetic pulse weapon on both Wall Street and Washington, destroying the US economy. Daniel Shandon is asked to help stop them.
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I was very torn with the series from the beginning but a good deal of mending happened by the second book. In the first, the parts that talked of Daniel's Secret Service father and the investigation he was tasked with were great and I really enjoyed them. The parts that dealt with Daniel's early and far too easy success in the casino business were too far-fetched (IMHO) to believe and enjoy. Thus I had trouble with the first book.

The trouble goes away when the bad guys take out Dad and then go after Son and then Daniel starts to really shine and show how good he can be. I liked quite a lot of those parts. I did not like the bad guys, though, because they were far, far too out there. Killing as haphazardly and brazenly might happen in real life but not with the rapidity they do in these books and certainly not with the lack of official or public response. The villains did not ring true and that hurt the books.

When I finished the last book in the trilogy, I honestly could not decide if I wished there was more or not.


My Grade: B


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