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Full Name: Scott Roarke
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gary Grossman
Time Span: 2004 - 2018


Scott Roarke is an agent for the President of the United States.

Officially he is a senior agent for the Secret Service, possessing all the requisite credentials and even having the power to arrest if necessary. Unofficially, he is an agent with a recently formed task group named PD16, a title coming from the Presidential Directive #16 which created this amalgam of agents from various government agencies to be a first line of attack against the tremendous terrorist threat plaguing the nation.

Roarke is in his mid 30s at the start of the series. Standing just around 6' and in terrific physical shape, he is the perfect kind of agent for this covert line of work. He is the product of inner city life who found escape in the military.

The Army drill instructor saw something in Roarke from the beginning. Nothing he threw at Roarke stopped the recruit which only made the Sargeant throw more at him. This more Roarke took without complaint (well, maybe some but not out load). When Basic Training was done, Roarke's name was passed along to someone in Special Forces and Roarke was invited to try out. He was a natural.

The fairly secretive clandestine Intelligence branch of the Pentagon, the Defense Intelligence Agency, would soon become the home for Roarke and for the next decade he was one of their best agents. He became an officer and eventually a Lieutenant but rank was not what he was about. Whether he admitted it to anyone including himself, it was the action and he was very good at it.

One of his early missions had been to go into Libyan territory during a period of hostilities between that country and the US. A Navy pilot had gotten shot down during a mission and Roarke's job was to get him out. The pilot was named Taylor and he and Roarke became friends. Over the next few years as Taylor moved into politics and rose in power, they found numerous occasions to help each other out and the friendship became solid.

When Taylor became President and established PD16, Roarke was the first to be asked to join. Now after three years working for this organization, he jokes with himself that perhaps he is too old for this young-guy's work but he knows he would not want to do anything else.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2018

1 Executive Actions Executive Actions
Written by Gary Grossman
Copyright: 2004

The assassin's bullet did not kill the lagging Presidential candidate but did murder his wife. That attack propelled the man into a win at the polls. The defeated President asks Scott Roarke to look into it and Roarke finds a mysterious Libyan lurking in the shadows.

2 Executive Treason Executive Treason
Written by Gary Grossman
Copyright: 2007

The terrorists who almost succeeded in putting their own man in the White House has returned with another plot to destroy the US. Their principal agent is the same man that Scott Roarke came so close to catching, giving him another chance at nabbing the man but given the man another chance at killing Roarke.

3 Executive Command Executive Command
Written by Gary Grossman
Copyright: 2013

The most precious and vulnerable asset the US has is its water supply. The President is certain it is about to be imperiled and he asks Scott Roarke to look into the threat.

4 Executive Force Executive Force
Written by Gary Grossman
Copyright: 2018

A series of assassinations of both local and national bigwigs in the world of American politics is causing tremendous unrest and in some places there is talk of secession. The President assigns Scott Roarke to look into the killings. Roarke's fiancée is checking out those wanting to divide the Union.
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An intelligent, well-written action series. That description is not often found because "well-written" and "action" are far too often too far apart and "intelligent" ... well, you understand.

But the author of the Scott Roarke books, Gary Grossman, definitely pulls it off. The fact that he does it in several books is highly impressive. Each danger that the nation faces for which the President must call upon Roarke to help resolve is terrifically thought-out and presented. And the way that Roarke comes to understand the trouble and devise a solution is also well crafted and enjoyable.

This series is described as a trilogy which is a pity. I understand the idea of "leave 'em wanting more" but I am one of 'em and, darn it, I want more!

That's a good series for ya.


My Grade: A-


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