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Full Name: Jason Peters
Nationality: American
Organization: Narcom
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gregg Loomis
Time Span: 2007 - 2013


Jason Peters is an agent with Narcom, Inc.

Narcom, Inc. is a private company created to handle tasks that other government organizations would rather not be caught or even thought of handling but which needed taking care of nevertheless. The concept is simple and deadly - give a good chunk of money to someone ready to do the dirty work and who cannot be legally traced back to the bureau doing the hiring.

Narcom was particularly successful because it was exceptionally good at its work and just as importantly, "Narcom, In.c provided the political antacid of deniability." It was created and still run by "Mama", an émigré from Haiti, who was described as "simultaneously black, female, and non-Christian ... poster girl for politicians espousing egalitarianism above all". More importantly, and more deadly, she was "former second in command of her native land's Tonton Macoute, she was skilled at interrogation, torture, assassination, and manipulation of the political process." Mama was very good at putting together intelligence's jigsaw pieces and seeing the real picture and even better at finding the men and women necessary to get the job done. Mama was also very loyal to her "boys".

One of those boys was Peters.

A half decade before he started work with Narcom, Peters had been a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, happy in his challenging role as an officer in the highly elite Delta Force. He was also very happy in his life with Laurin, a junior partner in a Washington law firm. They had a house in Georgetown and had just built a vacation home in the Caicos. Life was good.

It was also fickle. He was temporarily assigned to the Pentagon and she had come to that huge building for a meeting with Army brass and they were to have lunch together and she went ahead while he finished something in his office and that was on 9/11 and Laurin died and he survived, if survival was an adequate word for the anguish he suffered at her loss.

In the months that followed, he took whatever horrible, challenging assignment came his way to help him deal with his sorrow and then "Mama" called and offered him a position with Narcom and slowly he found grounding again though he never forgot what he once had.

The deal he made with Narcom was a profitable one for both sides. He would handle two jobs a year. These assignments paid well enough to live somewhere with no income tax. His employee somehow managed to keep the IRS from getting upset back in the States.

As the series opens, he was living in the house in the Caicos with his sole companion being a dog, Pangloss, a German shepherd-collie mix with other breeds tossed in for fun. He was content, at least. Life would change things for him soon thereafter but it would not likely be in danger of getting dull.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2013

1 Gates Of Hades Gates Of Hades
Written by Gregg Loomis
Copyright: 2007

Jason Peters came into possession of a laptop and suddenly was in the midst of a plot by eco-terrorists to kill the President of the US. Now that he has the computer, he is also a target.
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2 Hot Ice Hot Ice
Written by Gregg Loomis
Copyright: 2012

Retiring from Narcom after a long time as their best agent, Jason Peters is pleased to be living in Italy with his girl friend when his old agency comes calling. A fellow agent was shot in Iceland and has refused to discuss why except with Peters.
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3 The First Casualty The First Casualty
Written by Gregg Loomis
Copyright: 2013

The destruction of Air France Flight 447 over the Atlantic was a tragedy. The fact that it was done by a powerful laser weapon made the act even more frightening. Jason Peters, a tad bored in retirement, is asked to find out the culprits.
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The Jason Peters series is one of those wonderfully exciting, well-crafted group of yarns an avid reader like myself is thrilled to come across. It is what it needs to be and has what it should have. The stories are well thought out and the plotting is smooth and flowing and the writing is first-rate. There are no slow parts to tempt you to put the book down. There are no "huh?" moments to stop the enjoyment while you try to figure out what just happened and how it makes sense.

The adventures in this series make sense. They have bad guys who need stopping using dangerous weapons that make stopping them difficult requiring someone very good at his job to do it and providing that someone in the form of Peters.

They also hand out not a few choice observations from life that make you grin, such as my favorite one about a young woman Peters meets along the way causing him to think "Girls like Kim got minks the same way minks got minks." I appreciate that kind of observation.


My Grade: A-


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