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Full Name: Sebastian Hannar
Series Name: The Orphan Trilogy
Codename: Nine
Nationality: American
Organization: Omega Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Morcan
Time Span: 2011 - 2013


Sebastian Hannar is an agent of the Omega Agency.

This non-governmental organization with incredible resources and highly trained operatives had its hand in an incredible number of activities all over the world with one primary goal - the establishment of a New World Order, bringing peace and stability to a chaotic and violent world. On the surface it sounds like a lofty, laudable goal but loses that luster when it becomes clear that leading that new world is the people of Omega.

Omega's principals knew that total domination was out of the question, at least any time soon, but with its people burrowed into all levels of different governments around the world, coupled with incredibly well trained operatives able to steal, bribe, blackmail, extort, and even kill whatever was in Omega's way, the chances of being the power behind the throne was achievable.

One of the keys to this plan was the Orphans. Several decades before the first adventure, it was decided by the Omega leadership that just having operatives hired away from various official channels was not enough. There was no loyalty and better yet, no blind obediance to the Omega Agency. People who work for hire can be bought and unbought and even more important, they think for themselves at the worst times.

So Omega came up with the Orphan plan. It found highly impressive females, albeit often with substance abuse problems or other ways of being manipulated, got them to be impregnated with the seed from equally as impressive males to produce genetically superior children. Once the women had outlived their usefulness, they were eliminated and the men, whoever they were, were never directly involved. That left the children orphans. And running the orphanage was Omega.

Sebastian Hannar was one of the children. There were 23 of them initially and in keeping with Omega's plan to totally subjugate and control the kids from their very births, he never learned his real first name until his adolescence. His last name did not come for another decade or two. All the time he was growing up, he was Nine, symbolizing he was the ninth orphan born. It was not a ranking of position or power. It was just a number. His number.

All the time he was growing up and the twenty years he worked as a adult agent for Omega, he had many aliases and covernames but he always thought of himself as Nine and the times he spent with his fellow Orphans, which was not much as that was frowned upon by Omega, he was known by that alone.

When he was in his early 30's, the highly skilled and quite deadly operative known as Nine worked diligently for Omega. But one day, he decided not to. No one had ever tried to quit Omega before, as far as he knew. Certainly the others of the 23 had not. But Hannar, Nine, was the first and he knew with all his might that Omega would not tolerate his retirement. He was right.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2013

The Orphan Trilogy has an interesting order to the books. The first adventure details the break that Sebastian Hannar, Nine, makes with the Omega Agency and the consequences of the hunt for him. The second book, however, is a prequel depicting life for the Orphans before Nine said his goodbyes. The third and final book returns to present, five years after Hannar/Nine broke away.

The order of suggested reading is the order shown. Read the first book to get into the storyline as the second loses a lot without it. Then read the third to see what happens next.

1 The Ninth Orphan The Ninth Orphan
Written by Lance Morcan, James Morcan
Copyright: 2011

Sebasian Hannar, aka Nine, has decided to break away from his lifelong employer, the Omega Agency, and start a real life. Omega, however, disagrees and sends its other trained killers after him.

2 The Orphan Factory The Orphan Factory
Written by Lance Morcan, James Morcan
Copyright: 2012

A prequel, this book shows the life that Nine and the other Orphans lived before his break.
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3 The Orphan Uprising The Orphan Uprising
Written by Lance Morcan, James Morcan
Copyright: 2013

Five years after Sebastian Hannar made his break from Omega, they come after him, or more accurately, his young son wanting his superior genetics and wanting a chance to kill the rebellious Nine. Nine has other thoughts and he has the even deadly Seventeen working with him.
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This is a series that grows on you. The first book was, IMHO, very uneven and at times forced. It had an interesting plot which kept me going because I wanted to see Hannar, Nine, get away from the jerks who ran Omega but it was rough seas in that first outing.

The second is better. I am not a fan of prequels but it was well written and enjoyable.

The third was a whole lot better and was a lot of fun to read. The pages actually flew by as I wanted to see what happened next. I liked it.

There were some elements that really annoyed me. Each of the Orphans is a master of disguies, especially Nine, but who wears a makeup kit strapped to their chest - all the time? Apparently all the Orphans and their mentor. And no one ever notices a bulge?

Also, when a highly trained killer gets the evil man in his grasp, a man who is totally determined to kill the operative, who lets him go with a warning? Yes, killing him would kind of end the drama if not the series, but letting him live wipes out credibility and makes the reader just shake his head (or, at least it did me).

But the series does improve. Trust me on that.


My Grade: B


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