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Full Name: Kurt Vetter
Series Name: Reluctant Hero
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Analyst

Creator: William Esmont
Time Span: 2010 - 2011


Kurt Vetter is an analyst for the CIA.

He is definitely not a field agent and he would be the first to tell you that. He could have been, considering the physical condition he keeps himself and the innate skills he shows when life forces him into situations he would not willingly seek. But he is not trained as an operative and, until the first adventure in this series, he was quite happy not being one. Besides, as he tells himself more than once, an agent needed to be quick on his feet, able to access the situation and change at a moment's notice. That was not Kurt Vetter's strong point.

He left that to his brother, Mike. Mike was an experienced agent, working for the Agency for quite a few years in places he never talked about doing things he sometimes wanted to forget. Mike was very good at his job, good enough that he could head to remote locations and risk his life for his country and then come home again to a wife and kids.

Kurt, however, was with a family. He had had one but an ambulance racing to help others accidentally took the lives of his wife and daughter, leaving Vetter with painful memories and a wish to just get away. It was "away" in Peru trying to find himself that he got word of his older brother's death.

One tragedy ripped Vetter from his comfortable, desirable life. Another tragedy pushed him back into reality and would change his life forever. The elder Vetter had been a star at the CIA, something Kurt had not sought. He had also been involved in something he would come to regret and that would get him killed. It would also move his younger brother into a whole new world.

In this new world was Amanda Carter. Once a colleague of the older brother, her relationship with the deceased Vetter was something she preferred to not talk about. That she had been an agent, though, was obvious from the moment they met. Her take one Kurt was not very positive and his of her was also lacking in warmth but the two would find working together the only way to stay living.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2011

1 The Patriot Paradox The Patriot Paradox
Written by William Esmont
Copyright: 2010

When his brother, a member of ex-military men plotting to overthrow their government, has a change of heart and is killed for it, Kurt Vetter is pulled into the affair as he looks into the killing, with the help of Amanda Carter, a mysterious person from the brother's world.

2 Pressed Pressed
Written by William Esmont
Copyright: 2011

The CIA is in shambles, reeling from a plot to destroy Moscow. The President calls in Kurt Vetter and the mysterious Amanda Carter to hunt down foreign computer hackers who are disrupting the Early Warning System helping protect the US.


The thus-far two books in the Kurt Vetter series are decent journeyman works, showing a lot of potential and almost reaching it. Vetter is the main character but Amanda Carter is by far the better agent and better protagonist and deserves more attention, something she started getting in the second book. I wondered, though, as important as she is to the series, why does she not appear anywhere on the cover? If I were Carter, I'd be a tad annoyed and after reading about her, I would not want to make her annoyed.

One aspect I really enjoyed that is seldom in any of the books I read is the interest shown in the bad guys. The author does not really dwell too long on them but he makes them human with flaws and that is nice. He does not try to make you like them - he just shows they are people.

The plots are the weakest point with schemes that really peg the acceptance meter, especially the first book. If the author toned it down a tad, the series would be better for it.

The prose is excellent with scenes succinctly depicted and a flow that keeps the story moving with very little slowdown through the works. If another book comes out, I will buy it.


My Grade: B+


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