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Full Name: David Martini
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Richard Raine
Time Span: 1967 - 1969


David Martini is a private investigator.

He works in the private sector for whoever can afford his not-inexpensive fees but few who do fork over the sizeable amount are seldom unhappy with the results, at least according to his reputation. But investigator is what many others call him.

If asked, and he is occasionally, Martini prefers to say he is a negotiator. He is someone you would call to represent you in bargaining when being there in person is not advisable. Often replace that last work with prudent or with safe.

In his either late 30s or early 40s (he mostly shrugs if the subject comes up), he really enjoys his work and the many places it takes him and the many interesting people he meets. Except those who decide he or his client or both need to die. Those he does not care for that much and unfortunately for Martini, there are a few of them around.

Martini was not always an investigator or negotiator. He started out as a lawyer and apparently he was not bad at that either but sitting in an office behind a desk was not what he wanted to do so after a time he gave it up, or so he indicates. More likely occasional work from being a lawyer forced him to travel and the transition slowly took place. He is clearly happier.

Though by no means a super-man, Martini can nevertheless take care of himself in a fight which is good because he gets into a lot of them. He can handle a gun without shaking but knows when to duck if called for. He is good looking enough to catch a lovely lady's eye and wise enough to wonder if she is a bit too willing too fast.

Lastly, Martini is a sharp operator who trades barbs with the best of them and generally has fun, not letting anyone browbeat him or push him around. And being quite intelligent, when someone tries to sneak one past him, Martini will let the person know he is on to him. And he will do so politely.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Corder Index The Corder Index
aka A Wreath For America
Written by Richard Raine
Copyright: 1967

Author Raine has possession of the Corder Index, a list of members of an industrial espionage ring from Germany and others want the list and want him dead. He appeals to David Martini to get both out of the region.

2 Night Of The Hawk Night Of The Hawk
Written by Richard Raine
Copyright: 1968

The job came from a wealthy Swiss who is worried about a plot to disturb Switzerland's neutrality but as David Martini investigates, he comes up against agents from the US and UK as well as other who do not like him poking his nose in a plot to strike hard at America.

3 Bombshell Bombshell
Written by Richard Raine
Copyright: 1969

An expert in jet engines, a friend of David Martini, is killed by a bomb in Switzerland. As the characteristics match other bombings which claimed the lives of some prominent people, Martini thnks his friend stumbled into something big and he knows it for certain when his own plane blows up just after landing.


The man who would make the penname Colin Forbes one synonymous with excellent writing and fascinating characters had to start somewhere and the three books about David Martini under the Richard Raine pseudonym was part of that process. He had first created a three-book series about a retired police commissioner named Snow but obviously decided mysteries and police dramas were not where he wanted to be. With Martini, his field broadened.

The Martini books are not awesome books. They are quite pedestrian in that the plotting is predictable and most of the characters are developed but bland. Nevertheless, it is easy to see the craftsman perfecting his art. In the Martini books he was moving from apprentice to journeyman but he was moving quickly.

Even in this series the progression is impressive. The second book was better than the first and the third was better still. One might almost wish he had continued, except that would mean that the Tweed and Co books might not have been created and that would have been too big a price to pay.


My Grade: B

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David A+ 4/19/2014 7:12:13 PM

I enjoyed this entertaining and intelligent series reminded in many ways of Dick Francis voice. Martini was a protagonist I would liked to have seen more of, though not if I would have missed some of Forbes other work. All in all a solid short lived series worth finding.

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