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Full Name: Charles and Jon Mallory
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Lilliefors
Time Span: 2012 - 2013


Charles Mallory is a private Intelligence operative. Jon Mallory is an investigative reporter.

Growing up, the two brothers, Charles being the elder, were extremely close with Jon nearly worshiping his older brother. Charles had been a mentor and an example, especially when it came to digging deep into any mystery to ferret out the truth and make sense of it all. They came about this love of fact-finding honestly from their father who was a career analyst for the CIA. As they neared adulthood, though, they started to go their separate ways and the traits began to vary. Charles was the more rigid of the two with almost obsessive determination to learn the truth while Jon was, though still very much a snoop, not quite so set.

When it was time to enter the job market, Charles' love of ciphers and statistics took him into the world of military analysis and intelligence gathering. He worked for the government for several years and then left for the private sector and his own company, D.M.A. Associates. Based in the Middle East, it was engaged in such covert activity that Charles said nothing about what he did. Then he stopped communicating completely.

Jon love of investigation took him in a different direction, that of journalism and he quickly proved to his friends and family as well as himself that he was very good at both finding the truth to a story and to telling it to others in an interesting and compelling way. Over the years he paid his dues enough to become a co-editor of a weekly news magazine for which he also contributed a bi-monthly column of whatever story intrigued him at the time.

Nearly a decade would pass with the two brothers barely hearing of the other, let alone actually talking. Then suddenly Charles resurfaced with details of a story from Africa about the hardships there, tales that had been told before but with the data Charles provided, Jon was able to put spins on it that were unique and proved compelling to the readers. That was when Charles hinted at an even bigger story involving American relief organizations that did not sound quite right.

The two brothers soon found that while they were both quite different now with their own wants and ways, they still worked well together. Assuming they both could stay alive because the people they were independantly researching were not the kinds that welcomed the truth being exposed.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013

1 Viral Viral
Written by James Lilliefors
Copyright: 2012

An outbreak of deaths from a deadly virus in Third World Africa is results of just the first test of a plan by extremists to "depopulate" the planet. Charles gets word of it to his reporter brother Jon to see about ending it.

2 The Leviathan Effect The Leviathan Effect
Written by James Lilliefors
Copyright: 2013

A meteorologic scientist approaches Jon Mallory about the disappearances of several other such researchers. She promptly vanishes and Jon turns to his brother Charles to help look into it. Charles is also approached by the head of Homeland Security about a threat to create a hurricane.


The brothers Mallory make an interesting pair - quite different from each other and prone to snarking back and forth but let one be threatened by an outside force and the other comes running. In the case of these brothers, it is Charles who would kick your butt most soundly and it is Jon who would first figure out which of a group of baddies needed thumping the most.

The writing is quite good. The plots are extreme, which was obviously what the author intended, and they definitely make you think. The problems they present could happen and the author makes you sweat along with the characters.


My Grade: B


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