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Full Name: Jaclyn Johnson
Codename: Snapshot
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sean Sweeney
Time Span: 2011 - 2018


Jaclyn Johnson is an agent with the CIA.

She is also an extremely successful model gracing the covers of numerous publications and flying from one exotic locale to another as famous photographers vie for her time and her stunning looks and figure. This dual-identity was designed by her boss and mentor, Alexandra Dupuis, the Director of the CIA, to provide unchallengeable reasons for her travel around the world without drawing attention more than a gorgeous super-model would normally attract.

It was Dupuis who assumed guardian duties over Johnson when she was just 14 years old and her parents, attending a meeting at the Pentagon on 9/11, perished in the attack. With no one else to watch over her, Dupuis and the rest of the Company took her in. Leaving nothing to waste, they began a long in-depth series of lessons to turn this beautiful and intelligent adolescent into the young woman she has become - an agent able to handle herself in all forms of trouble.

One other aspect of Johnson that makes her such a unique agent is an infirmity that on its surface should have totally ruled her out but which was turned into an asset that more than once would save her life. Johnson is almost totally blind.

The affliction is a severe reaction to light. Anything brighter than dim can produce stabbing pain and horrendous headaches. She began to suffer from it when puberty started and by the time she was 12, she was forced to live either in very dim rooms or wear strong sunglasses. This forced her to rely more than most on her other senses such that in a darkened area, she had the advantage.

Even more to her advantage, though, were the specially made Foster Grant sunglasses that she routinely wears, shades which keep others from learning what she is looking at even as they provide a number of sensory instruments and a heads-up-display filled with a plethora of information.

As the series begins, Jaclyn Johnson has been an agent-in-training for nearly a decade as she built up her modeling career and perfected her clandestine skills. The first recorded adventure constitutes her first official assignment.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2018

1 Model Agent Model Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2011

On her first official mission, Jaclyn Johnson heads to Boston where someone has tainted many bottled water containers, resulting in dozens of grizzley deaths. She goes up against a water magnate who has a scheme for controlling all of the beverage around the world.
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2 Rogue Agent Rogue Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2011

As the London Olympics get underway, a local terrorist blows up part of Wembley Stadium during a soccer match. He takes the rest down while rescuers are at work. Jaclyn Johnson is sent to work with MI5 to find the one responsible.
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3 Double Agent Double Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2011

A domestic Christian terrorist is out to destroy Las Vegas as a stepping stone to greater things. Jaclyn Johnson is sent by the CIA Director to hunt him down and stop him.
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4 Federal Agent Federal Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2012

An escaped convict with ties to the KKK is still in the Atlanta area where a presidential debate is about to take place. Though she is still recovering from some injuries, Jaclyn Johnson is sent there to protect the current leader.
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5 Literary Agent Literary Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2014

A former FBI agent turned author has been kidnapped and it is feared it is because of the secrets he has. It falls onto Jaclyn Johnson and her friend, Tom, to track down the perps and get the victim back before he reveals too much.
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6 Travel Agent Travel Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2015

Jaclyn Johnson and her beau, Tom, are in Australia on vacation. That does not turn out as relaxing as they had hoped when Johnson gets accused of conducting an assassination. That would be bad enough but is made worse when Johnson gets some disturbing news from back home.
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7 Chemical Agent Chemical Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2016

A statue of Jaclyn Johnson's father, killed on 9/11, is being unveiled in Seattle, a city Johnson has not visited in over a decade. Now her return brings back old memories and new trouble as a murder takes place in her hotel and she finds herself up to her neck in trouble.
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8 Ticket Agent Ticket Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2017

Jaclyn Johnson has her hands full with different cases when her husband, Tom, is called home to London to handle a series of murders of footballers. Johnson would not have suspected that her cases would somehow connect to his.
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9 Scouring Agent Scouring Agent
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2018

With Jaclyn Johnson and her man, Tom, out of the country on their honeymoon, a series of terrorist attacks back home has Johnson's ward, Tasha, heading the investigation. Her troubles get a whole lot bigger when Johnson and Tom are attacked on their way home.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 Promises Given, Promises Kept Promises Given, Promises Kept
Written by Sean Sweeney
Copyright: 2013

Jaclyn Johnson is on a personal mission in the western US as she tracks down a human trafficking ring that had held the young lady who is now Johnson's ward.


When I read the tag line to this series, "If Bond Had Boobs", I expected something quite different than I got. It isn't hard to figure out what I thought was being said - lots of gratuitous sex and violence, to paraphrase a line from a Bond movie.

What they apparently meant was that the protagonist was a good-looking action hero loaded with nifty gadgetry going up against power-hungry nutcases. In that case, they were straight on.

Jaclyn Johnson is loaded with very interesting "toys", including several handguns carried on her small, lithe body. The handiest of them all is her HUD which can let her know when there is someone lurking nearby, saving her butt on more than one occasion. How realistic is such a thing is beyond me but it is best to just shrug and go with it - the enjoyment level is much higher.

And the bad guys are clearly bad and often nuts, like Bond faced on numerous occasions.

I would not put Johnson quite in the Bond category but they are fun and they definitely grow on you.


My Grade: B-


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