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Full Name: Craig Page
Nationality: American
Organization: European Counterterrorism Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Allan Topol
Time Span: 2012 - 2018


Craig Page is the head of the European Counterterrorism Agency.

The ECA is a brand-new small international department created to coordinate the fight against any and all terrorism in the many countries in Europe. The agency was created largely in thanks for work Page did in foiling a particularly nasty plot in Italy but its necessity was never at issue. Interpol concentrated on crime, not terrorism, and no individual country's counter-terrorism department could cross borders without issue.

At the start of the recorded series, the ECA did not yet exist but Page, living in Europe at the time, had just agreed to help out on the matter that would bring its creation about. He was living there for the previous six months as he started his private security consultancy in the wake of his walking away from a long and highly successful career with the CIA. This separation from the Company was his decision but one forced upon him by another.

For all of his adult life, Page had been an operative with the CIA and later a hands-on field leader. His specialty was the Middle East and his familiarity with that region and many of its players, both good and bad, was impressive. Even as he helped raise a daughter during the more than two decades in the covert work, he became the man to go to with any question about who might be doing what in that hotbed region. It was certain that he would stay until he retired.

That ended when the new Director of the CIA, a man named Kirby, took over. An appointee in response to his father's very generous contributions to the current President's elections, Kirby took an almost instant dislike to Page. This boiling antagonism reached eruption stage when Page disobeyed Kirby's instructions to stand down from a job and instead followed a dangerous terrorist to the States and stopped his plot. This earned Page a personal commendation from the President and sealed the hatred of Kirby. Within a very short time, Page's position with the CIA was eliminated and Page knew it was time for him to go.

As the series progresses, a personal tragedy for Page puts him in close contact with Elizabeth Crowder, a celebrated international journalist whose work had earned her plenty of plaudits including the coveted Pulitzer. As the two grieved their loss together, they also worked to find the truth and bring to justice the ones at fault. Afterwards, they realized how much they liked each other and how well they worked together. They would remain close and Crowder is an integral part of the series.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2018

1 The China Gambit The China Gambit
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2012

The murder of his reporter daughter brings Craig Page to investigate. As he works where her editor, they learn that a rogue Chinese general has a plan for greater power and is working with the director of the CIA, a man named Kirby who forced Page out of the Agency.

2 The Spanish Revenge The Spanish Revenge
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2012

Mastermind Ahmed Sadi wants to avenge the forced expulsion on Muslims from southern Spain hundres of years ago. He has joined with a Chinese general out for his own revenge. It falls to Craig Page to stop him.

3 The Russian Endgame The Russian Endgame
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2013

A former KGB official has a plan to get two world powers to work together to take out the American President and steal technology that will put them at the top of the food chain. Craig Page and his friend Elizabeth learn of the plot and know it is up to them to stop it.

4 The Argentine Triangle The Argentine Triangle
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2014

Very wealthy people are backing a power-mad Argentine general with plans for reshaping the landscape of first his homeland and then all of South America. Craig Page goes undercover in Buenos Aires to find out his plans and learns someone in the States is also helping out.

5 The Italian Divide The Italian Divide
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2016

Enjoying his new life as a race car driver known as Enrico Marino, Craig Page is more than dismayed when he hears his friend and patrol, an Italian banker, has been murdered in a robbery. He is certain that was a whole lot more to the case and he puts his life on the line to prove it.
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6 Russian Resurgence Russian Resurgence
Written by Allan Topol
Copyright: 2018

Russian President Kuznov has a plan to bring back the power and prestige of the Soviet Union and it involves the use of a 12-year old boy who recently lost everything. When Craig Page gets wind of it, he has other ideas though his might get him killed.
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When a truly gifted author takes on a series, you know it will be a good one and that is what happens here. Mr. Topol is such a great writer, able to come up with compelling characters and interesting plots, it is a delight that he has decided to create a recurring character.

I really like Craig Page, not the least because he is an older gentleman who has been around and seen a lot and feels the aches and pains of his advancing years. He still can hold his own, using his brain and experience to compensate for reduced reflexes. I am making him sound infirm which he decidedly is not. He can kick butt when he has to but it just is not quite as hard as he once would have.

Greedily, I hope the author continues to give us a Page adventure now and then. I for one will keep buying them.


My Grade: A


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