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Full Name: Frank DiGenero
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kent Harrington
Time Span: 1988 - 1993


Frank DiGenero is an agent with the FBI.

He is not a spy and would never think of himself as one. He is a cop and a Federal one at that. It's what he always figured he would be and he likes it and he is very good at it. Still, he does have a lot more in common with the concept of a spy than he might initially think. DiGenero's upbringing and his lineage made him a natural for leaving the white shirted suit world of the typical FBI G-Man in the 80s and going undercover; deep undercover. He might not have gone to a foreign land to live with the enemy to monitor and report on their activities and their plans and their methods. He did it all without leaving the country of his birth but the enemy he was after was the Mob.

But the Mob is an illegal confederation out to make money anyway it can and that sometimes means dealing with people who in the end would like nothing better than destroy the country in which the Mob operates. Not that the Mob would care. Profit is profit and terrorists are someone else's problem.

People like Frank DiGenero, a kid from Bensonhurt, the Little Italy of Brooklyn, a boy whose grandfather had been pretty high up in the Mob in his day, a young man who grew up with friends who would some go on to be cops and others criminals. DiGenero had chosen a different path for himself than many of his buddies and he had gone away to college. From there he had joined the Air Force, learned to fly and served his tours in Vietnam and was medaled for his actions. He returned to the States and went back to school, this time Law School and he got his law degree. Then came the FBI.

But almost immediately his background and his smarts got him noticed and propositioned, or perhaps he had nudged himself that direction. Under the care of an slightly older agent, he went home and joined the Mob and quickly moved up the ranks until, being bright and resourceful and having a grandfather like he did, he was taken under the wing of one of New York's toughest Dons. And eventually he took down the head guy.

As the two-book series begins, he is adjusting to life no longer undercover but still watchful of the vengeance that has been promised. He is still an agent and he still goes after bad guys but after over a decade in the ranks, he is finding there are even nastier bad guys out there wanting to get in.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1993

1 The Gift Of A Falcon The Gift Of A Falcon
Written by Kent Harrington
Copyright: 1988

Frank DiGenero warned his old friend about the dangers of illegally smuggling falcons but neitheer DiGenero nor his friend thought it would uncover an Islamic terrorist plot against the US.

2 A Brother To Dragons A Brother To Dragons
Written by Kent Harrington
Copyright: 1993

The death of his new wife brings Frank DiGenero out fighting, this time with a pretty British agent to help, as he goes up against a Mob that is working closely with the outlawed IRA.


The two books in this series are very well crafted. DiGenero is a guy you know you would like, a man you could talk football with and not get into a brawl but also a man that if you were in a brawl you would want on your side. He has definitely paid his dues and then some so when bad things happen around him, you grumble about the unfairness. That is good writing.

I do not know why the author only did the two books and apparently little else. If he had done more, I would have gladly read them for the tales were enjoyable, nothing on the tube so I'll read a book, types, a particular favorite style of mine. I love action adventures but I also like a tale that is intelligent build up to the excitement.


My Grade: B


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