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Full Name: Jane Blond
Series Name: The Girl From B.U.S.T.
Codename: Agent 40-27-40
Nationality: American
Organization: B.U.S.T.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Inge Carnelle
Time Span: 1966 - 1967


Jane Blond is an agent with B.U.S.T.

The seldom mentioned part of the British Intelligence community stands for the Bureau of Underground Spying and Treachery (one rendition of it left the 'y' off the last word, making me wonder what a 'treacher' was). It has offices all over the country, if not the world, fighting the good fight in the sexiest of ways to Queen and Country from the control of S.T.R.O.K.E., Subversive Totalitarian Reaction Organuization for Knocking-off England.

Leading the way is their best agent, Blond, with the codename of 40-27-40, easy for everyone to remember because that is also her dimensions. She is an agent who is willing to give her all for each mission. And give it again and again. And then look for more chances to give it. The woman likes giving.

She also likes having it given to her, assuming she can remember to disconnect here booby-trapped underware (she is pround she has not accidentally lost anyone in the past six months). And if there is no one immediately visible to provide her with information passed along in the most intimate of ways, she can always use the flashlight in one of her fake nipples to see by.

Helping her is the highly dedicated but easily winded male agent named Noddy. It is he who will take on any female enemy agent though Blond is not adverse to switching sides when the need arises. He does not have Blond's stamina but he does have her dedication.

Blond is a gorgeous, well endowed female, blonde-haired, of course, who enjoys wearing tight anything unless she can be given a chance to wear nothing at all. She is trained in all manner of hand-to-hand (and hand-to-other-places) combat and has an arsenal of strange and somewhat kinky weapons that she will pull out of the darnedest places, all to keep her homeland safe.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1967

A series from x-rated Bee-Line books in the mid-60s, they were quite scintillating for their time.

The fourth novel listed may, or may not, be a part of the series. I do not own a copy as yet so cannot say for certain.

1 The Girl From B.U.S.T. The Girl From B.U.S.T.
Written by Inge Carnelle
Copyright: 1966

"Here she is, the kookiest secret agent who ever parlayed nymphomania into a plan to save the free world from S.T.R.O.K.E."
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2 Joy Ride Joy Ride
Written by Inge Carnelle
Copyright: 1967

Agent 40-27-40 goes to the South American country of San Posterior and goes up against its evil dictator, Reginald Seducia.

3 The Great Sex Race The Great Sex Race
Written by Inge Carnelle
Copyright: 1967

The evil forces of S.T.R.O.K.E. are out to capture Wilder Spot, the world's greatest lover. Jane Blond's job is to keep him safe but she then learns he is afraid he is losing his ability to make love and she must 'restore' his prowess.
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4 Sexplosion Sexplosion
Written by Inge Carnelle
Copyright: 1967

"A high-voltage, high-bosomed American spy battles a guerilla leader for a nuclear weapon and sets off a SEXPLOSION in this torrid new novel by Inge Carnelle, creator of Jane Blond, the Girl from B.U.S.T.
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I really did not believe it when a friend told me about this series. I then decided that it was too outside the norm that I would ignore it. But then I thought about Brandy French and Eve Drumm and Virginia Box and said, of well. Still, showing the cover of one of the books to your spouse and saying, 'see what I'm reading tonight' will get you a stern and unbelieving look.

Unfortunately, after reading the first few pages, you know you have read it all. There is so little to make this series worth considering that it is hard to fill up this section. That comes as no surprise, naturally, since the publisher was Bee-Line and that noted publisher had only one sort of book they released and plots were not really wanted and character-building got in the way of the 'important' stuff.

One interesting question came to me as I read as much of this as I could. If the writer is hired to write smut garbage and he/she writes smut garbage, would that be a success? My questioning seemed a lot more interesting than reading the books.


My Grade: D-

Your Average Grade:   B-


PlayboySuperspy B- 2018-05-06

While there were proof that it was ''unproofread'' the book, I had read the first one, and it seemed rather really whimsical, with dry humor, very campy, in fact, I would say that the writing is ''camp'' style that is similar to the camp aesthetics of Batman 1966 or the camp that is present in The Girl from UNCLE or later Man from UNCLE episodes- it is hard to define some of the things that occur in GFU, that many of the themes, plots, scenes seem otherworldly in a way that we dont access them except in 60s'' camp shows and literature- 60''s camp is just amazing and has allusion to an imagination that is lacking in many shows we see today. I was surprised at Girl From BUST, I felt the series was better than ORGY and other spy spoofs.

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