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Full Name: Emma Caldridge
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Chemist

Creator: Jamie Freveletti
Time Span: 2009 - 2013


Emma Caldridge is a biochemist.

She is also an ultramarathon runner and someone who likes a challenge. More importantly for the situations she invariably finds herself in, she is extremely good at taking care of herself, an ability that has proven of necessity on several occasions because while she never openly sought danger, as someone pointed out to her once, deep down she was a danger junkie.

Caldridge is highly respected in her field. How high her education level extends is not explained and remains a mystery. She never addresses herself as 'doctor' which might lend weight to her not having a doctorate except she seldom says anything that comes close to blowing her own horn. Her confidence level, based on several years of experience and an incredibly sharp intellect, allows her to not feel the need to brag. On the rare occasion where her judgment is questioned, her retorts are invariably based on annoyance not at having her ego bruised but at having her time wasted.

Possessing the confidence that comes from knowing she would be hired by any firm that utilized top notch chemists, Caldridge prefers to run her own small firm, Pure Chemistry, a boutique agency that takes assignments that interest her, and pays well. She runs it out of Miami Beach where she moved recently to help overcome the grief from the loss of her fiancee, Patrick, killed by a drunk driver a year before the first recorded adventure. The contracts she takes vary considerably but many of them keep her in the cosmetic industry where the search for a better age-fighting cream or lip gloss achieves two most sought results: gainful and profitable employment for her and her small group, and a chance to get out into the field frequently.

The field is where she loves to be and its nature can vary greatly as long as there is the opportunity to run. Running is Caldridge's passion in life as well as her main escape valve. Ultramarathon running pushes her to extremes with distances that go far beyond the already gruelling 26 miles of a normal marathan, pressing up to 100 miles in a single event. Though she is not a champion at it, she presents quite acceptable times and is pleased with her results. Running helps her cope.

Running also helps her survive the situations she gets into. She is smart enough to know she cannot outrun a bullet or a bomb or a knife but when she finds herself in extraordinary situations with people wanting her dead, or worse, she knows that if she can get to a place where they have to catch her, good luck to them with that.

And she is slowly learning to shoot. She did not want to know but the adventures she has been thrown into has forced her to start learning. And there is no one better at teaching her than former sniper and current anti-drug pilot Cameron Sumner. This tall, taciturn man with the intense expression was on the same plane as Caldridge during the first book and was one of the survivors of the crash. When Columbian rebels sieged those still alive, he fought and nearly died. She saved his life both physically by fighting off some bad guys and professionally by knowing how to handle severe infection and fever. He was kind enough to save her life later. Since then, their relationship has grown deeper than either anticipated and though, as of the fourth adventure, they had not become physically intimate, their emotional bond is solid and unflinching.

That closeness is vital because both can find ways of getting into scrapes where the other's help is required. This comes sometimes through the good graces of a man named Banner, CEO of a private intelligence and security company called Darkview which provided the Department of Defense with highly trained professional soldiers for specialized assignments where either expediency or deniability is called for. Banner is very true to his word and incredibly loyal to his people and when situations pushed both Caldridge and Sumner into that collection, he welcomed them and they him. As time passes, Banner will hire both Caldridge and Sumner for a job or two, separately, and will be there to have their backs when needed.

Caldridge is a biochemist. She is also one who has, so far, gone up against Columbian rebels, Somali pirates, Mexican druglords, Caribbean voodoo shaman, and worst of all, Washington politicians and bureaucrats. It is a very good thing she can run fast.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2012

1 Running From The Devil Running From The Devil
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2009

Flying to Bogata on business, Emma Caldridge's airliner crashes in the jungle. Thrown far from the wreckage, she sees guerillas take the rest of the survivors prisoner. As she follows them, she and fellow survivor, Cameron Sumner, uncover a nightmare plan.
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2 Running Dark Running Dark
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2010

In an ultramarathon in South Africa, Emma Caldridge is knocked out when an explosion rips the race. As she comes to she finds herself being injected with something that makes her stronger than before. She want to learn more but is asked to help identify a substance on a cruise liner held by Somali pirates.
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3 The Ninth Day The Ninth Day
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2011

Hiking in Arizona brings trouble to Emma Caldridge as she sees and is pursued human traffickers. She accidentally runs into the grasp of a drug lord who is ticked because someone has poisoned his marijuana plants with a substance that kills people in nine days.
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4 Dead Asleep Dead Asleep
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2012

On an island in the Caribbean, Emma Caldridge is looking for a substance that is said to slow the aging process but what she finds are villagers who are falling into deep sleep for unknown reasons, along with voodoo rituals and tales of sea monsters.
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013

1 Risk Risk
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2012

Part 1 of 3. An insurance risk analyst named Sebastian Ryan rules Emma Caldridge ineligible for a policy considering her history of getting into scrapes. Then trouble starts happening for Ryan and he needs her help.

2 Gone Gone
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2013

Part 2 of 3. Emma Caldridge had saved the life of Sebastian Ryan once and then moved on. When he later disappears, he leaves behind a note asking her to help again. This takes her to Utah and a cult that controls a whole town.

3 Run Run
Written by Jamie Freveletti
Copyright: 2013

Part 3 of 3. Having found where Sebastian Ryan has been taken after kidnapping, Emma Caldridge has to figure out a way to sneak into a guarded compound, grab him, and get out again.


It took perhaps five pages of the first book to be hooked on it. By another ten pages, I knew that if the author continued her incredible writing in the other books, which she most certainly did, I would be a fan forever. I intend to be. I am as hooked as a reader can be and love every minute of it. To prove this point, meaing no disrespect to my favorite author, Lee Child, I had just finished the third Caldridge book and was about the begin the fourth one when I received the very latest Jack Reacher novel. I gleefully thought to myself, 'look what i get to read once I find out what else Caldridge is doing.'

The author may or may not have heard Elmore Leonard's explanation of his popularity when he said he left out the boring parts no one wants to read. Jamie Freveletti does the same thing. There are no boring parts to her books. There is just one great situation after another. Making the books even better, she has created a nice ensemble of support characters that are as fun to read about as the main character. Let the scene jump to something with Sumner or Banner or Strommeyer. It will still be very enjoyable and worth the time. And we will get back to Caldridge soon enough. And none of it will be boring.

I try to keep my top grades, understandably, for only the very best. Ms. Freveletti has earned that position because she has consistently held my interest through now many hundreds of pages and never wavered. Since my grade reflects how well the series in general entertains and this series does that superbly, I put it amonst the greats.


My Grade: A+

Your Average Grade:   A


dbuhler A 2020-07-28

I am willing to give an A, but not A+. Emma is creative, resiliant, intelligent, and downright lucky time and again. Yes, luck is the residue of design, but God seems to shine especially bright on this young woman. Nevertheless, some good covid-fun reads.

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