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Full Name: Sarah Jensen
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Linda Davies
Time Span: 1995 - 2001


Sarah Jensen is a financial trader.

She is a very successful one, considering she is in her late twentys when the two-book series starts. She makes over £500,000 a year in salary and bonuses and is very well respected by her bossess and her co-workers. She is happy and largely content although much of the excitement she once felt for her high-pressure job is winding down.

Through a brother and his best friend who is also Jensen's occasional lover, she experiences second-hand the thrills and challenges of mountain climbing, a passion of her brother she largely finances. This habit of taking care of Alex is something she has had for most of her life since their parents died when she was 8 and he 6. They went to live with an aunt and she had a neighbor who pitched in to help raise them but Sarah was her brother's protector then and it continues to the present.

The neighbor mentioned, an aging gentleman named Jacob, played an important and lasting role in her development for he was a kind man who treated the children well and helped provide their daily needs when the aunt was busy with her work. Jacob was also a man who earned a better than average living stealing things. He could open most locks and many safes and did so frequently, stealing from people and companies that had insurance. Since the children knew of his occupation and learned his ethics as they grew up, this gave Sarah an interesting viewpoint on what it takes to survive.

Sarah is not a crook. She is trustworthy and dedicated to her work and would not dream of shortcutting any procedure or circumventing any laws. She has no desire to break the law. She is not adverse to bending it, though, and sometimes bending it a lot.

Much of this is not known to the Governor of the Bank of England nor to a major official of MI6 when they needed someone to work inside the financial system to help bring down an international crook damaging the security of the UK. They needed someone sharp and capable and willing to help. She was definitely that. She was just a lot more they did not know about.

The second recorded adventure of Jensen does not have her working for the government but contacts she made and lessons she learned did come into play.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1995
Last Appearance:2001

1 Nest Of Vipers Nest Of Vipers
Written by Linda Davies
Copyright: 1995

To fight the corruption of a major British bank, the head of the Bank of England and a major MI6 official approach Sarah Jensen to be their undercover agent. They do not bother to tell her their real intention and Jensen is more than capable of going her own way.

2 Something Wild Something Wild
Written by Linda Davies
Copyright: 2001

Having proved herself in the previous mission, Sarah Jensen wants to disappear and raise her new son. A special lure, though, pulls her back into the financial world and the plight of a rock star that could get her and her son killed.


The Jensen two-book series is on the cusp of what qualifies for membership in this compendium. The first book definitely belongs. The second probably does not. The qualitiy of the writing, though, and the fact that I really enjoyed the first adventure, a lot, pushed me over the edge.

I understand very little about high-finance and when Jensen is described as an FX trader, I had no clue. The beauty of the author's presentation, however, was that on many of the smaller things she just went with it but on some key points she took the time to explain in simple terms without giving me more than I needed to know. This helped make obscure dialogue comprehendable. Ms. Davies did a very good job.

The second book is a lot more romance than I expected but there is also a great deal more action and suspense.

So much time has passed since these two books came out I do not expect more Sarah Jensen but if she should be asked again to help out MI6 or the Bank of England, I would gladly follow her.


My Grade: B+


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