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Full Name: Patrick Matson
Nationality: British
Organization: The Committee
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Baldwin
Time Span: 1988 - 1991


Patrick Matson is an agent with the Committee.

Exactly who the Committee is could be considered separately but whatever else they are, they are part of the British Intelligence community. From the sound of the work they do, they might be closer to MI-5 than MI-6 as they tend to watch the goings-on inside the U.K. Matson, though, is known to more than a few foreigners so work at MI-6 would not be completely out of the question.

Matson is at best a series of contradictions. He is extremely intelligent and quick-witted but he often lacks the sense to keep his thoughts to himself and as a result he does not have that many friends. He has a lot of closet admirers, people who secretly applaud what he does but who in public make sure to tut-tut the odd crude remark or observation. Matson does not dress particularly well but he can appreciate a well-dressed woman and does so one many an occasion. Most importantly, Matson maintains at all times that he eschews violence but he keeps his gun-eye well trained and his personal fighting skills honed well enough so that when violence comes his way, he can hold his own against it.

The word lecher would definitely apply to Matson and he would not consider it an insult - just a reduncancy. Matson likes the ladies and he likes them to know he likes them. He can be naughty at times with his innuendoes if not his outright speech but they and his mannerisms get him into the beds of the fairer sex often enough though sometimes it is followed by a slap. But crude is not a word to be used with Matson.

A veteran of the paratroopers followed by a stint as one of the Thugs, the latter being apparently an official title for people who must do work that others would disapprove of, should they ever by allowed to know they existed. Now in his late 30s if not early 40s, Matson is too old for some of that nonsence but if pushed, he can and will push back. He is an expert marksman and very good at close fighting so people who get on his bad side learn their error.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1988
Last Appearance:1991

1 Exit Wounds Exit Wounds
Written by Michael Baldwin
Copyright: 1988

When Mossad captured a supposed Nazi war criminal in England and smuggled him out for trial, it started a war between two 'friendly' spy organizations. The question of whether the man was truly guilty seemed to get lost

2 Holofernes Holofernes
Written by Michael Baldwin
Copyright: 1989

On a routine trip to military bases in Germany, Patrick Matson becomes one of many hostages in a hijacking. After torture and humiliation, he is able to escape, only to find that incident was just a small part of a bigger plan and to end it, he needed the help of a man who hated him.

3 Ratgame Ratgame
Written by Michael Baldwin
Copyright: 1991

A member of the organization has turned traitor but only in a minor infraction, small enough to warrant being told to go away and stay away. Patrick Matson is sent to deliver the message but then the recipient is blown up and the situation becomes very complicated.


As I entered the world of Patrick Matson, I soon discovered that I needed a translator with me. The words were all English words but in a brilliant capture of how people really talk, so many of the idioms and references were literally gibberish to me. And yet, it made the stories feel authentic. This is actually a plus for the author because the dialogues sound right and what is missed in colloquialism can be picked up in context. Still, a native speaker helping me out would not have been bad.

When the author is not befuddling me with Britishisms, he is delighting me with lines that I almost feel I understand but maybe not really. Case in point, when talking about a very officious bureaucrat named Pomeroy, he wrote, "To define paradox was to define Marcus Pomeroy. It was not to define oxymoron ... Pomeroy did not move fast enough." I have no idea what that means but it sounds delightful.

The first book in the three-book series drags on quite a bit too much and yet as you travel with it, you get more than your share of such pearls as mentioned above as well as the chance to see Matson in action with the bad guys, the ladies, and his bosses. The second seems even slower at times but when Matson is the subject of some intense torture, it probably seemed even longer to him. The third is interesting in that the reader does not know if he should like the bad guy who might be a good guy or not.

This is a very British series. It makes for a very nice change of pace.


My Grade: B+


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