Full Name: Jet
Nationality: Israeli
Organization: Mossad
Occupation Agent

Creator: Russell Blake
Time Span: 2012 - 2016

       Jet is an agent with Mossad.
       She was, at least, until she decided after numerous years of being its top assassin, the best in a small group of skilled operatives who do the nasty work no one else can do, that she was tired and wanted a real life. She knew the facts of her profession, though, and that is no one got out alive.
       Still, Jet, whose real name is Maya though she makes sure no one but her boss and lover, David, knows it, has one excellent reason for leaving her previous life and that is the growing life inside her. Agents in her line of work cannot be allowed the luxury of having children so if she wants a new life, she has to die first. And die she does at the series opens.
       The true series begins after she has faked her death and fled to the other side of the world only to be told months later that her child died in birth and she is totally alone. For some time she wondered what she would do with herself and if she even wanted to go on but Jet is a survivor and she does.
       The Jet series is the story of her life after death and how otherwise intelligent-seeming bad guys cannot get it into their heads that going after her is a good way of ending up dead. In the first book, it is the brother of a previous target who wants revenge. In the second, it is a key CIA leader who thinks he can use her infant daughter (kidnapped, not dead) to bend Jet to his will. And so on. But they do not learn and Jet must keep showing how dumb smart people can be.

       The ongoing series of the action hero named Jet is an ebook-only (at this time) exciting thrill-ride that does not let up from the first epage to the last. The author unabashedly calls her an over-the-top character, created to be that way. He intended to give the readers a woman who is as smart as she is agile and she is as deadly as she is anxious to be left alone.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2016

0.5 Jet - Ops Files Jet - Ops Files
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2014

A prequel, this book recounts numerous adventures Jet had with the Mossad before her current path began.

1 Jet Jet
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2012

Having killed herself and started a new life in Central America, Jet is first stunned, then really miffed when the brother of an old target finds out where she is and sends people to kill her. Now out for her own revenge, she shows again how good she really is.

2 Jet - Betrayal Jet - Betrayal
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2012

She was only just able to reclaim her infant daughter when a bigwig with the CIA takes her from Jet and offers the former Mossad assassin an impossible mission to get her back. Now she is forced back into action knowing all along that her 'boss' will betray her should she live.

3 Jet - Vengeance Jet - Vengeance
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2012

In a scenario close to the first adventure, Jet's life is disrupted by an old enemy and Jet's daughter is nearly killed. Now she must go back to work to stop the billionaire enemy as well as learn who betrayed her whereabouts.

4 Jet - Reckoning Jet - Reckoning
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2012

Picking up right where the previous book ends, Jet is still fighting for a chance to have a normal life and keep her and her daughter alive. The odds do not look good but she has faced overwhelming odds before.

5 Jet - Legacy Jet - Legacy
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2013

Taking place a week after the last adventure, this one sees Jet forced again to step into danger to handle a mission that is certain to make her make "the ultimate sacrifice".

6 Jet - Justice Jet - Justice
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2014

With no chance to catch her breath, Jet must head in a different direction to keep her people and her own life safe - heading from Argentina to Russia.

7 Jet - Sanctuary Jet - Sanctuary
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2014

Picking up where the 6th book ended, this volume continues the struggle of Jet and Matt, along with her daughter Hannah, to stay alive as their travels take them from South America to Russia.

8 Jet - Survival Jet - Survival
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2015

Jet and Matt are still fighting to stay alive, this fight taking them from Panama into Columbia.

9 Jet - Escape Jet - Escape
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2015

Barely surviving an attack at a monastery in Columbia, Jet is pursued across South America.

10 Jet - Incarceration Jet - Incarceration
Written by Russell Blake
Copyright: 2016

She was able to find a temporary peace with her family but old enemies find her and that was the end of that.


       This series is a hoot. Make no mistake about it. It is pure testosterone action, filled to the brim with a woman who can kick butt, shoot, throw, fight, and plan with the best of them. As mentioned before, the writing is purposely over-the-top and delightfully so.
       If you are looking for something with meat on it, something like LeCarre or Deighton, you should look elsewhere because that was not the author’s intent. Think of a Tarantino movie like Kill Bill and you begin to get the picture.
       I had a pretty good idea what I was getting when I started this series. I got it immediately and continually and I enjoyed every ounce of it. I had purchased Books 2 and 3 before I finished Book 1. While starting Book 3, Book 4 came out and I bought it right away. When I read that the author was hoping Book 5 would be out in February, I sighed knowing I had to wait.
       Loving action books just like I love “serious” cloak-and-dagger, I was pleased to have met Jet. I hope to keep seeing her in action for some time.


My Grade: B+

Your Average Grade:   A+

GoldenI A+ 1/5/2013 4:14:16 PM

A-plus job on a B grade series. Not very cerebral. Can be predictable, but I'd love to have Jet on my team. Looking forward to more.

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