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Full Name: Bob Sullivan
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Frederic Mullally
Time Span: 1958 - 1972


Bob Sullivan is a reporter for a major British newspaper.

He is about as veteran a reporter as you can get outside of retirement age, having been, it seemed, everywhere and witnessed everything and written about it enough to make his reputation solid in Fleet Street.

There is never any desire on his part to get involved in the shady world of espionage and cloak and dagger and foreign intrigue. He just likes a good story and has the doggedness to not let a little thing like danger stand in the way of a scoop. The same could be said of government officials and others who often do not want him snooping where they are playing. The trouble with a good newshound, though, is that the more one tries to dissuade such a reporter, the more likely that reporter will become determined enough to risk life and limb.

Sullivan is 37 years old at the beginning of the series but he feels and acts even older. He comments to a colleague about having 'half' a child which, coupled with other facts learned elsewhere, would indicate he has an unnamed offspring but without custody. He is divorced after six years of marriage to an American. He makes reference to having left his Irish roots behind him but it is uncertain what exactly that means.

His age in the subsequent books is unknown as there is nothing to determine time between adventures. Certainly his love of excitement does not waver for in the beginning of the third book he rescues a young woman from two inebriated sailors, presenting a bluff that is not called and feeling both relieved and disappointed that there was not more involved.

This flair for action shows up in his eagerness to push his way into a story and to laugh off any suggestions otherwise. Neither editor bosses nor high ranking political figures can sway his snooping. Nor can bullets flying, though these he is less insolent about.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1958
Last Appearance:1972

1 Danse Macabre Danse Macabre
aka Marianne
Written by Frederic Mullally
Copyright: 1958

Bob Sullivan did not expect too much of a story when he was enticed by a friend to look into the short life and unpleasant death of a young woman but when his luggage is ransacked and other strange events start happening, he knows he is not looking into an accident.

2 The Munich Involvement The Munich Involvement
Written by Frederic Mullally
Copyright: 1968

Sullivan has been asked by his newspaper to investigate and report on the Radical Democratic Party which, twenty-two years after the defeat of Nazism, is scoring significant successes, using the same political philosophy, the same crude appeal to extreme nationalism, that put Hitler’s National Socialists in power.

3 The Malta Conspiracy The Malta Conspiracy
Written by Frederic Mullally
Copyright: 1972

When the Prime Minister of Malta offers the Soviet fleet equal access with the US fleet to his nation's harbors and hospitality, the stage is set for six tense days that puts the eyes of the world on this island. Bob Sullivan, a roving newsman, flies into Malta and encounters the most dangerous and action-packed quest of his career.


The first book in this three-book series is most definitely a mystery but it is a terrific one that made the debuting author's reputation. Ten years later when another story that could use a resourceful reporter as the protagonist came to the author, he dusted Sullivan off and put him back to work. This adventure, though, is decidedly a candidate for membership in this collection as is the third book where governments nearly go to war all over docking rights on the small Mediterranean island of Malta.

As is natural with a series about a reporter, the espionage aspects takes a backseat to the journalism but the quality of the writing and the atmosphere that the books present still make the series deserve a high grade.

Do not read this series because it is a great spy series. Read it because it is great storytelling, much of which is spy stuff.


My Grade: A-


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