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Full Name: Robert Urban
Series Name: Mr. Dynamite
Codename: Code Nr 18
Nationality: German
Organization: BND
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. H. Guenter
Time Span: 1967 - 1977


Robert "Bob" Urban is an agent with the West German BND.

This bureau whose full name is the Bundesnachrichtendienst, Federal Intelligence Service, is the equivalent of the American CIA responsible for foreign espionage as well as anti-terrorism. It got its start after the end of WWII when Major General Reinhard Gehlen, a major play in German military intelligence, set up a new organization and recruited many of those with whom he had worked during the war, this group turning soon into what is now the BND.

In this long running series about Bob Urban, the operative known by the code number of 18 is often referred to by his enemies as Mr. Dynamite, an epithet which describes how he dangerously he is view by those who have had to go up against him.

Urban is in his early 30s at the start of the series and does not age very much during the 27 years that author C. H. Guenter penned adventures, the total count rising to 314. In the blurb on one of the American version paperbacks, he stands 6' tall for "for all outward appearances he's just another guy on the make." Despite his appearance, though, he is a loyal and efficient arm of the BND. Moreover, he is said to be "a hero to men and a lover to women."

While Urban is said to not be his real name, a name that had been removed from him permanently when he chose to work for the BND, he retains his independent streak which makes him often an irritant to his superior at the department, an older man named Colonel Sebastian. Disliking the impudent manner that Urban has for talking with him and about his deadly assignments, Sebastian nevertheless knows that Urban is without a doubt the best man he has so tolerance is begrudgingly given.

As the years passed in real life and the two German governments reunited while the Warsaw Pact nations went their own way, Urban's duties shifted as well and he moved into the role of an international trouble-shooter. While he was not fighting Soviet and Stasi agents any more, he was still up to his neck in global terror and criminal activity.


Number of Books:314
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1977

In 1975, Pinnacle, the growing paperback publisher, decided to bring yet foreign secret agent into American hands, having had some success with Malko Linge. For unknown reasons, the character's name was changed to Max Galan. Apparently the book did not sell well or the publisher had a change of direction for no more books were released.

Two years later, another paperback publisher, Manor, got the rights and got six of the adventures translated and published, retaining the character's original name.

In Germany, the publishing history for this series gets a bit confusing, especially where numbering comes in. Originally, Mr. Guenter, writing for a publishing firm out of Rastatt, Germany, named Pabel Publishing, had his tales presented in a digest form as part of long running string of thrillers which also included many Kommisar X private detective stories. The issues were numbered but not all of the stories were Urban adventures; indeed, those did not start until issue #212. The Urban tales grew popular enough, though, that from #357 on, they moved from the digest form to a paperback and only Urban cases were presented.

The paperbacks continued at an impressive clip for several years. After a few of those years, a reprint series was started, putting out the first tales all over again. In the early 90s, yet another resurrection of these stories was done and a few were yet again re-re-released in the early 2000s, clearly showing the popularity of the series.

A terrific website is Die Mister Dynamit Seite by Thomas W. Arp. According to this site, the following is a list of the adventures as they were released, at least according to my feeble German (if it is right, he gets the credit but if it is wrong, it is my fault). The numbers of the left are the original Issue numbers.

212 Tomorrow You Kiss Of Death [Morgen küßt euch der Tod] (1965)
230 Code 18 Hunts Gray Eye [Code 18 jagt Grau auge] (1966)
250 Three Thousand Coffins [Dreitausend Särge] (1966)
268 The Cruel Days [Die grausamen Tage] (1966)
285 Captain Monte Cristo [Captain Montechristo] (1966)
298 Betrayal Of The Nile [Verrat am Nil] (1967)
309 In Moscow It Is Over For You [In Moskau ist es aus mit dir] (1967)
314 The Invisible Force [Die unsichtbare Truppe] (1967)
322 My Grave In Morocco [Mein Grab in Marokko] (1967)
327 Courier Life [Kurier ins Dunkel] (1967)
333 My Death In Jamaica [Mein Tod auf Jamaika] (1967)
335 Steel Hand [Stahlhand] (1967)
338 Die With Me Tonight [Stirb mit mir heut Nacht] (1968)
340 Brings Us To The Devil [Bis uns der Teufel holt] (1968)
342 Duel In The South Seas [Duell in der Südsee] (1968)
345 Land Of A Thousand Executioners [Land der tausend Henker] (1968)
348 The Hole In The Head Of The King [Das Loch im Kopf des Königs] (1968)
351 Fish In The Foreign Network [Fisch im fremden Netz] (1968)
354 The Cold Feeling In My Neck [Das kalte Gefühl im Nacken] (1968)

355 Mutiny In Hell [Meuterei in der Hölle] (1969)
356 My Head Rolls In Rio [Mein Kopf rollt in Rio] (1969)
357 The Paradise Of Satan [Das Paradies des Satans] (1969)
358 I Seduced The Silver Goddess [Ich verführte die silberne Göttin] (1969)
359 The Dream [Aus der Traum] (1969)
360 Farewell, Black Panther [Leb wohl, schwarzer Panther] (1969)
361 The Spy On The Gallows [Der Spion am Galgen] (1969)
362 Deaths Must Also Be Times [Sterben muß auch mal sein] (1969)
363 Cold Trail To Babylon [Kalte Spur nach Babylon] (1969)
364 A Speck Of Dust In Tokyo [Ein Staubkorn in Tokio] (1969)
365 Ten Cossacks For Anushka [Zehn Kosaken für Anuschka] (1969)
366 Goodbye, Bully! [Goodbye, Eisenfresser!] (1969)
367 Chasing Shadows [Schattenjagd] (1970)
368 Dark Blue Hurricane [Dunkelblauer Hurrikan] (1970)
369 The Black Hundred [Das schwarze Hundert] (1970)
370 Border Mariza Fort? [Grenzfort Mariza] (1970)
371 Three Old Kamaraden [Drei alte Kamaraden] (1970)
372 My Most Secret Order [Mein geheimster Auftrag] (1970)
373 Listening Post South Pole [Horchposten Südpol] (1970)
374 The Giant Of Messina [Der Gigant von Messina] (1970)
375 The Plague On The Neck [Die Pest am Hals] (1970)
376 Leibregiment Satan [Leibregiment Satan ] (1970)
377 Night Attack On Zuleika [Nachtangriff auf Suleika] (1970)
378 The Chicago Brothers [Die Chicago-Brüder] (1970)
379 Killing Agent [Mordagentin] (1971)
380 The Sky [Das letzte Signal] (1971)
381 Secret Project Zero [Geheimprojekt Zero] (1971)
382 Break To Mahabad [Durchbruch nach Mahabad] (1971)
383 The Woman From The Volcano [Die Frau aus dem Vulkan] (1971)
384 The Super Evil [Die Superbösen] (1971)
385 Fire Kisses From Miss Wong [Feuerküsse von Miss Wong] (1971)
386 Morning You Kiss Of Death [Morgen küsst euch der Tod] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 212)
387 The Sicilian Case [Die sizilianische Falle] (1971)
388 Code 18 Hunts Gray Eye [Code 18 jagt Grauauge] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 230)
389 My Darling Of Ice-Cold [Mein eiskalter Darling] (1971)
390 My Death In Jamaica [Mein Tod auf Jamaika] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 333)
391 A Son Of A Bitch Like You [Ein Hundesohn wie Du] (1971)
392 The Invisible Force [Die unsichtbare Truppe] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 314)
393 Ali Baba'S Conspiracy [Ali Babas Verschwörung] (1971)
394 Betrayal Of The Nile [Verrat am Nil] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 298)
395 Nine Fingers [Neunfinger] (1971)
396 The Cruel Days [Die grausamen Tage] (1971) (New Edition Of Pabel 268)
397 My Corpse In Istanbul [Mein Leichnam in Istanbul ] (1972)
398 Courier In The Dark [Kurier ins Dunkel] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 327)
399 Is Too Late Too Late [Zu spät ist zu spät] (1972)
400 3000 Coffins [3000 Särge] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 250)
401 A Tango In The Himalayas [Ein Tango am Himalaja] (1972)
402 The Blood-Suckers [Der Blutsauger] (1972)
403 Steel Hand [Stahlhand] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 335)
404 Three Torpedoes Nelson [Drei Torpedos für Nelson] (1972)
405 My Grave In Morocco [Mein Grab in Marokko] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 322)
406 Criminal Command [Strafkommando] (1972)
407 Dying Hurts [Sterben tut weh] (1972)
408 Land Of A Thousand Executioners [Land der tausend Henker] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 345)
409 The Man With No Sense [Der Mann ohne Gefühl] (1972)
410 Sleep, Sleep, My Devil [Schlaf, mein Teufel, schlaf ein] (1972)
411 A Bastard In Sight [Ein Bastard im Visier] (1972)
412 Brings Us To The Devil [Bis uns der Teufel holt] (1972) (New Edition Of Pabel 340)
413 Money's End [Geldmanns Ende] (1972)
414 The Devil On The Wall [Den Teufel an die Wand] (1972)
415 The Hole In The Head Of The King [Das Loch im Kopf des Königs] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 348)
416 Everything Is Broken Again [Alles geht einmal kaputt] (1973)
417 Hiding Upsilon [Schlupfwinkel Ypsilon] (1973)
418 Duel In The South Sea [Duell in der Südsee] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 342)
419 So Brutal Was My Job [So brutal war mein Auftrag] (1973)
420 The Chinese Slayer [Der chinesische Killer] (1973)
421 The Cold Feeling In My Neck [Das kalte Gefühl im Nacken] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 354)
422 Then Rather Be Poor And Dead [...dann lieber arm und tot] (1973)
423 And From The Morgue [Leichenhaus... und aus] (1973)
424 Fish In The Foreign Network [Fisch im fremden Netz] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 351)
425 Death Angel Do Not Cry [Todesengel weinen nicht] (1973)
426 Mutiny In Hell [Meuterei in der Hölle] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 355)
427 The Man With The Lupara [Der Mann mit der Lupara] (1973)
428 The Paradise Of Satan [Das Paradies des Satans] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 357)
429 State Secret [Staatsgeheimnis] (1973)
430 I Seduced The Silver Goddess [Ich verführte die silberne Göttin] (1973) (New Edition Of Pabel 358)
431 Red Poppies On My Grave [Roter Mohn auf meinem Grab] (1973)
432 The Dream [Aus der Traum] (1974) (New Edition Of Md 359)
433 Dead Man In Abadan [Toter Mann in Abadan] (1974)
434 Farewell, Black Panther [Leb wohl, schwarzer Panther] (1974) (New Edition Of Md 360)
435 The Rhine Gold-Operation [Die Rheingold-Operation ] (1974)
436 The Spy On The Gallows [Der Spion am Galgen] (1974) (New Edition Of Md 361)
437 Crooked Tour In Singapore [Krumme Tour in Singapur] (1974)
438 Death Must Be Sometimes [Sterben muss auch mal sein] (1974) (New Edition Of Md 362)
439 Who Will Cry, Mister [Wer wird denn weinen, Monsieur] (1974)
440 In Satan'S Services [In Satans Diensten] (1974)
441 Cold Trail To Babylon [Kalte Spur nach Babylon] (1974) (New Edition Of Md 363)
442 Currently Undetectable [...derzeit unauffindbar] (1974)
443 Vanishing Point Bosphorus [Fluchtpunkt Bosporus] (1974)
444 Total Loss [Totalverlust] (1974)
445 My Gentle Way To Hell [Mein sanfter Weg zur Hölle] (1974)
446 It Was My Job, Ma'Am [Es war mein Job, Madam] (1974)
447 Death Rates [Tod auf Raten] (1975)
448 Zefano Code Name [Deckname Zefano] (1975)
449 Sleep Well In Monte Carlo [Ruhe sanft in Monte Carlo] (1975)
450 Agents On Fatal Track [Agenten auf tödlicher Spur] (1975)
451 Break The Neck In Havana [Brich den Hals in Havanna] (1975)
452 In The Shadow Of The Hawk [Im Schatten des Falken] (1975)
453 Raid To Lampedusa [Raubzug nach Lampedusa] (1975)
454 Counter-Attack Against Cobra [Konterschlag gegen Kobra] (1975)
455 Four In A Stranglehold [Vier im Würgegriff] (1975)
456 Hot Died In The Cool Coffin [Heisser Tod im kühlen Sarg] (1975)
457 The Mysterious Charlie [Der unheimliche Charly] (1975)
458 The Last Trace Of Leo [Die letzte Spur von Leo] (1975)
459 The Secret Of The Palla [Das Geheimnis der Palla] (1975)
460 Days Of Revenge [Tage der Rache] (1976)
461 Large Bandito [Grosser Bandito] (1976)
462 Secret Path To Novgorod [Schleichweg nach Nowgorod] (1976)
463 The Day When Joe Was Killed [Der Tag, als Joe geschlachtet wurde] (1976)
464 Man In The Crosshairs [Mann im Fadenkreuz] (1976)
465 The Corsican Syndicate [Das korsische Syndikat] (1976)
466 Finishing Shot At Aqaba [Fangschuss in Akaba] (1976)
467 Die Never On A Monday [Stirb nie an einem Montag] (1976)
468 Spy Network In The Silence [Spion im Schweigenetz] (1976)
469 The Last Hammer [Der letzte Hammer] (1976)
470 The Black Ballermann [Der schwarze Ballermann] (1976)
471 To The Last Time The Sun [Zum letzenmal die Sonne] (1976)
472 To Conquer Gravity, Easy To Die [Schwer zu siegen,leicht zu sterben] (1976)
473 The Lion Of Lions Club [Die Löwen vom Löwenclub] (1977)
474 In The Forceps [In der Zange] (1977)
475 An Old Pro [Ein alter Profi] (1977)
476 Poker Brutal [Poker brutal] (1977)
477 Square Of Death [Viereck des Todes] (1977)
478 A Man Makes Terrorism [Ein Mann macht Terror] (1977)
479 Firestorm [Feuersturm] (1977)
480 Bloody Friendship [Blutige Freundschaft] (1977)
481 In The Death Zone [In der Todeszone] (1977)
482 Orders From Tokyo [Order aus Tokio] (1977)
483 Indian Sand [Indischer Sand] (1977)
484 Express To Madrid [Express nach Madrid] (1977)
485 Two Dead Eagles [Zwei tote Adler] (1977)
486 Golden Jackal [Goldschakal] (1978)
487 The Coup Nibelungen [Der Nibelungencoup] (1978)
488 The Club Of Moroccan [Der Club der Marrokaner] (1978)
489 The Crisis In Mauritius [Die Mauritius-Krise] (1978)
490 The Trail To The Inferno [Die Spur ins Inferno, ] (1978)
491 The Killer Agent [Der Killer-Agent] (1978)
492 Over In Paris [Drüben in Paris] (1978)
493 Deadline: Today [Letzter Termin: Gestern] (1978)
494 Spy, Death And The Devil [Spion, Tod und Teufel] (1978)
495 The Henderson-Patrol [Die Henderson-Patroullie] (1978)
496 A Coup At The End Of The World [Ein Coup am Ende der Welt] (1978)
497 The Hiding Place [Das Versteck] (1978)
498 Secret Stage I [Geheimstufe I] (1978)
499 Burned Tracks [Verbrannte Spuren] (1979)
500 Billy'S Fast Troops [Billys schnelle Truppe] (1979)
501 The Number Four Deaths [Der Tote Nummer vier] (1979)
502 The Lord Of The Isles [Der Herr der Inseln] (1979)
503 The Domino Enigma [Das Domino-Rätsel] (1979)
504 SüDseebllitz [Südseebllitz] (1979)
505 Hunting Plan 44 [Jagdplan 44] (1979)
506 The Death Was My Companion [Der Tod war mein Begleiter] (1979)
507 A Cross South Of Baghdad [Ein Kreuz südlich von Bagdad] (1979)
508 Turkish Blood [Türkenblut] (1979)
509 The Red Fort [Die rote Festung] (1979)
510 Poor Old Joe [Armer alter Joe] (1979)
511 Hell Ride Through Inferno [Höllenfahrt durchs Inferno] (1979)
512 Everyone Is Fighting For His Skin [Jeder kämpft um seine Haut] (1980)
513 Bomb Serenade [Bombenserenade] (1980)
514 According To Beijing Or To Hell [Nach Peking oder zur Hölle ] (1980)
515 The Gold Machine [Die Goldmaschine] (1980)
516 To Beijing Or To Hell [Nach Peking oder zur Hölle ] (1980)
517 The Hades Trap [Die Orkus-Falle ] (1980)
518 The Tip [Geheimtip ] (1980)
519 The Las Vegas Rule [Die Las Vegas-Regel ] (1980)
520 The Settlement [Die Abrechnung ] (1980)
521 The Prey [Die Beute] (1980)
522 The Bill Swept Through The [Der strich durch die Rechnung ] (1980)
523 The Plan Of The Master [Der Plan des Meisters ] (1980)
524 Vicious Circle [Teufelskreis ] (1981)
525 The Legendary Dimitri [Der sagenhafte Dimitri ] (1981)
526 The Death I Was Looking For [Der Tod, den ich suchte ] (1981)
527 The Black Labyrinth [Das schwarze Labyrinth] (1981)
528 Hunt For Red Flowers [Jagd auf rote Blüten] (1981)
529 Avenue Of The Scorpions [Strasse der Skorpione ] (1981)
530 Disaster At The East Pole [Desaster am Ostpol ] (1981)
531 Pirates In The Twilight [Piraten im Zwielicht ] (1981)
532 The Man From Lilliput [Der Mann aus Liliput ] (1981)
533 Dangerous Tour [Gefährliche Reise ] (1981)
534 Four Mountains In The West [Vier Berge im Westen ] (1981)
535 The Amazonian Clique [Die Amazonas-Clique] (1981)
536 The Stone Of Hercules [Der Stein des Herkules ] (1982)
537 Murders A Factor Of 10 [Mordfaktor 10 ] (1982)
538 Shoot [Gnadenschuss ] (1982)
539 The Eye Of The Eagle [Das Auge des Adlers ] (1982)
540 Bluff In The Atlantic [Bluff im Atlantik ] (1982)
541 The Club Of The Gods [Der Club der Götter ] (1982)
542 The Red Line [Die rote Linie] (1982)
543 As The Sharks [Wie die Haie] (1982)
544 Granite Flower [Granitblumen ] (1982)
545 The Man From Tibet [Der Mann aus Tibet ] (1982)
546 The Legacy Of The Kyrgyz [Das Erbe des Kirgisen ] (1982)
547 Password Adlerhorst [Kennwort Adlerhorst ] (1982)
548 Command Unit 33 [Kommandoeinheit 33 ] (1983)
549 The Waterloo-Effect [Der Waterloo-Effekt ] (1983)
550 The Killer Of The King [Der Killer des Königs ] (1983)
551 The Egyptian Track [Die ägyptische Spur ] (1983)
552 Wotan'S Revenge [Wotans Rache ] (1983)
553 The World Of Lady X [Die Welt der Lady X ] (1983)
554 The Double Eagle Mosaic [Das Doppeladler-Mosaik] (1983)
555 Tsar'S Gold [Zarengold ] (1983)
556 In The Pink Shadow Of Venus [Im rosa Schatten der Venus ] (1983)
557 A Bunch Of Conpiracy [Ein verschworener Haufen ] (1983)
558 Spy Spies [Spion der Spione ] (1983)
559 The Black Citadel [Die schwarze Zitadelle ] (1983)
560 Slave Command [Sklavenkommando ] (1984)
561 Greek Fire [Griechisches Feuer ] (1984)
562 Damn Good Friends [Verdammt gute Freunde ] (1984)
563 At Front Secret [An geheimer Front] (1984)
564 Super Schumacker [Supermacker] (1984)
565 The Third Crisis [Die dritte Krise] (1984)
566 Blue Knights Of The Desert [Blauer Ritter der Wüste] (1984)
567 The Mallory Project [Das Mallory-Projekt] (1984)
568 South Cape Express [Südkap-Express] (1984)
569 A Man Like A Wolf [Ein Mann wie ein Wolf] (1984)
570 Nom De Dora [Kampfname Dora] (1984)
571 Simon'S Guard [Simons Garde] (1984)
572 Star Of Okinawa [Stern von Okinawa] (1985)
573 The Monaco-Riddle [Das Monaco-Rätsel] (1985)
574 Satan'S Last Contract [Des Satans letzter Kontrakt] (1985)
575 Three Dead At Point [Drei am toten Punkt] (1985)
576 The Light Of Evil [Das Licht des Bösen] (1985)
577 Little Soldier [Kleiner Soldat] (1985)
578 Bandito Amigo [Bandito Amigo] (1985)
579 The Wrong Prey [Die falsche Beute] (1985)
580 Sneaky Spy Old [Mieser alter Spion ] (1985)
581 The Plan Of The Tiger [Der Plan des Tigers] (1985)
582 The Luxor Motif [Das Luxor-Motiv] (1985)
583 No One Came To Tara [Keiner kam bis Tara] (1985)
584 Clay The Shark [Clay der Hai] (1986)
585 The Half Way To Hell [Der halbe Weg zur Hölle] (1986)
586 A Balkan General Staff [Ein Balkan-Generalstab] (1986)
587 The Washington-Stroke [Der Washington-Schlag] (1986)
588 Operation Icicle [Operation Eiszapfen] (1986)
589 The List Of Judas [Die Judas-Liste] (1986)
590 The Battle Of Falcone [Die Falcone-Schlacht] (1986)
591 The Man Of The Future [Der Mann von übermorgen] (1986)
592 A Castle On The Elbe [Ein Schloß an der Elbe] (1986)
593 Elite Unit Of Nero [Elite-Einheit Nero] (1986)
594 Battle Station Laurin [Kampfstation Laurin] (1986)
595 Returns Hammerstein [Hammerstein kommt zurück] (1986)
596 A Perfect Treason [Ein perfekter Verrat] (1986)
597 Command In Hades [Kommando im Hades] (1987)
598 Deep Black Volcano [Tiefer schwarzer Vulkan] (1987)
599 The Eagle Flies Alone [Der Adler fliegt allein] (1987)
600 Combat Mission Butterfly [Kampfauftrag Schmetterling] (1987)
601 In Bombay, If I'M Still Alive [Im Bombay, wenn ich noch lebe] (1987)
602 Conspiracy In Orebic [Verschwörung in OREBIC] (1987)
603 The Three From The East [Die drei aus dem Osten] (1987)
604 In Rio, Where It All Began [In Rio, wo alles begann] (1987)
605 The Bx-22 Died [Als BX-22 starb] (1987)
606 War In The Nut-Shell [Krieg in der Nuss-Schale] (1987)
607 Colonel Diamond Men [Oberst Diamonds Männer] (1987)
608 Messenger From Another Planet [Kurier vom anderen Stern] (1987)
609 Front Secret South Seas [Geheimfront Südsee] (1988)
610 Flee To Byzantium [Flucht nach Byzanz] (1988)
611 Duel Of The Giants [Duell der Giganten] (1988)
612 Boss Kapuut [Boss kapuut] (1988)
613 My Price - The Blood [Mein Preis - den Blut] (1988)
614 ... And You're Dead [...und schon bist du tot] (1988)
615 The Rat Line [Die Rattenlinie] (1988)
616 Deadly Boomerang [Tödlicher Bumerang] (1988)
617 The Jupiter Effect [Der Jupiter-Effekt] (1988)
618 The Cinderalla-Trick [Der Cinderalla-Trick ] (1988)
619 A Friend In Hell [Ein Freund in der Hölle] (1989)
620 The Titanium Band [Die Titanium-Bande] (1989)
621 O.R.G.A. - The Heirs Of The Devil [O.R.G.A. - Die Erben des Teufels ] (1989)
622 Forgive Me If I Do Not Cry [Verzeih, daß ich nicht weine] (1989)
623 The Eye Of The Bear [Das Auge des Bären] (1989)
624 Death Is Not A Pastime [Sterben ist kein Zeitvertreib] (1989)
625 Blood Brothers [Blutsbrüder] (1989)
626 The Eagle Squadron [Das Adlergeschwader] (1989)
627 Deaths Have It Easy [Tote haben es leicht] (1989)
628 The Invisible Coast [Die unsichtbare Küste] (1989)
629 Behind The Seven Seas [Hinter den sieben Meeren] (1989)
630 The Santana-Incident [Der Santana-Zwischenfall] (1989)
631 King Solomon'S Ring [König Salomons Ring] (1989)
632 The Legacy Of The Huns [Das Vermächtnis der Hunnen] (1990)
633 Killer, Death And The Devil [Killer, Tod und Teufel] (1990)
634 A Wolf Knows The Other [Ein Wolf kennt den anderen] (1990)
635 The Rescue [Die Rettung] (1990)
636 Calls Lucifer Moscow [Luzifer ruft Moskau] (1990)
637 Lady In Novgorod [Das Mädchen aus Nowgorod] (1990)
638 On Behalf Of The Registrar [Im Auftrag des Kanzlers] (1990)
639 Abandoned By All The Gods [Von allen Göttern verlassen] (1990)
640 China Girl [China-Girl] (1990)
641 Four Aces [Vier Asse] (1990)
642 In The Cold Shadow Of The Kremlin [Im kalten Schatten des Kreml] (1990)
643 The Knight Of The Iron Gate [Die Ritter vom Eisernen Tor] (1990)
644 Hawks Of Epirus [Die Habichte von Epirus] (1991)
645 The Mystery Barbarossa [Das Barbarossa-Rätsel] (1991)
646 Men And Steel [Männer wie Stahl] (1991)
647 The Napoleon-Boys [Die Napoleons-Boys] (1991)
648 Dragon Slayer [Drachentöter] (1991)
649 The North Atlantic-Man [Der Nordatlantik-Mann] (1991)
650 The Black Prince [Der schwarze Prinz] (1991)
651 Chinese Roulette [Chinesisches Roulette] (1991)
652 Ice Age In Kimberley [Eiszeit in Kimberley] (1991)
635 A Little Bit Of Hell [Zum Teufel mit der Hölle] (1991)
654 The Castle Rabenstein Problem [Das Burg Rabenstein Problem] (1991)
655 My Funeral In Memphis [Mein Begräbnis im Memphis] (1991)
656 A Vault In Berlin [Ein Tresor in Berlin] (1992)
657 Balmung - Siegfried'S Sword [Balmung - Siegfrieds Schwert] (1992)
658 Hunt For Omega [Jagd auf Omega] (1992)
659 The Bankruptcy Albion [Die Albion-Pleite] (1992)
660 The Nippon Tower [Der Nippon-Turm] (1992)
661 The Pirate Of Aqaba [Der Pirat von Akaba] (1992)
662 The Transural Bomber [Der Transural-Bomber] (1992)
663 The Enemy Of My Dreams [Der Feind meiner Träume] (1992)
664 The Mitla Pass-Secret [Das Mitla-Pass-Geheimnis] (1992)

My sincere thanks to him for all the great work he has done on this long-lasting series.

Additionally, there are four more books currently on sale which may have been unpublished at the time of Mr. Guenter's death. They are:

Mister Dynamit: Der Texas-Kontrakt
Mister Dynamit. Die Jagd des toten Jägers
Mister Dynamit: Mitten in die Stirn
Mister Dynamit und die Chaos-Theorie

0 Max Galan: Hunter of Men Max Galan: Hunter of Men
Written by C. H. Guenter
Copyright: 1975

Orginally published in German as Schlaf min Teufel, schlaf ein [Sleep, My Sleeping Devil] #72. A Mafia Don and a noted safe-cracker have joined forces to rob NATO of its top secret defense plans and it is up to Max Galan to get them back. The sexy Simone Leval of the French Surete is in his way with her own agenda.

1 Web Of Silence Web Of Silence
Written by C. H. Guenter, Lotte Fuchs (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Spion im Schweigenetz [Spy Network in the Silence] #468.
The people killed with such perfection that they left no clues. A Politician in France and one in Portugal were victims, the second being enough to get Robert Urban assigned to finding and stopping them.

2 To Know Is To Die To Know Is To Die
Written by C. H. Guenter, Lotte Fuchs (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Kurier ins Dunkel [Courier In The Dark] #327.
A mind-distorting chemical, first discovered in the Tibetan mountains but perfected by an Eskimo physician, is in danger of being taken by terrorists and it is the job of Robert Urban to stop that from happening.

3 Drop Dead In Havana Drop Dead In Havana
Written by C. H. Guenter, Bruni Mayer (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Brich Den Hals in Havanna [Break The Neck In Havana] #451.
When a Russian scientist is kidnapped in Cuba, he becomes the object of a search by both Western and Eastern intelligence and a dangerous French gangster.

4 Dead In Aqaba Dead In Aqaba
Written by C. H. Guenter, Rene Mallen (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Fangschufs in Akaba [Finishing Shot in Aqaba] #466.
Urban goes to Israel to find a fellow German who was kidnapped, possibly by terrorists. His body turns up on the shore of the Dead Sea. The only clue is the fake ruby in the dead man's sock. The trail reveals that the Palestinians have stolen a cache of Israeli rubies that will enable the Russians to expand their laser warfare capabilities.

5 Days Of Vengeance Days Of Vengeance
Written by C. H. Guenter, Lotte Fuchs (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Tage der Rache [Days of Revenge] #460.
For eleven years each February 13th has seen another person killed by a mysterious party. Mr. Dynamite, Robert Urban, is sent on a trail that leads from the Alps to the Mediterranean to find the killer and see if it might be the Third Reich coming back.

6 A Swindler Named Zefano A Swindler Named Zefano
Written by C. H. Guenter, Lotte Fuchs (translator)
Copyright: 1977

Orginally published in German as Deckname Zefano [Codename Zefano] #448.
A secret society made up of very powerful people in politics, the military, and business has made a very stupid mistake - they gave a swindler named Malone a great deal of money and he took off. While trying to stay alive, Malone learns the real secret behind the group and now wants to destroy them.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

The first adventure of Robert Urban was made into the movie Mister Dynamit - morgen küßt Euch der Tod (Mister Dynamite, Tomorrow Morning Death Will Kiss You), English title Spy Today, Die Tomorrow . It starred American actor Lex Barker, most famous for having played Tarzan in several movies during the 40s-50s. According to one source, there had been planned a series of movies much like the popular Bond films but when Mr. Barker had to sue to get paid, the idea went nowhere.

1 Spy Today, Die Tomorrow Spy Today, Die Tomorrow
aka Mister Dynamit, aka Morgen küßt euch der Tod
Director: Franz Josef Gottlieb
Writers: Franz Josef Gottlieb, Karl-Heinz Gunther
Actors: Lex Barker as Robert Urban, Maria Perchy as Lu Forrester, Armedeo Nazzari as Bardo Baretti, Jose Suarez as General Burch, Wolfgang Preiss as BND Chief
Released: 1967

A wealthy schemer named Baretti, wanting to be even richer, hires a crew to steal a nuclear bomb from an American missile silo to then extort a great bounty from the U.S. government. German BND agent Robert Urban is given the task of stopping Baretti and getting the bomb back.


It is really frustrating to have what you are certain are so many really enjoyable action spy adventures at your fingertips but be unable to read them. Naturally, I could learn German but that would take a while and there are too many English language spy books to read to do that but still, 314 tales of which only 7 have been translated. That is a shame.

Now, we are not talking 314 instances of a Quiller or Smiley or Allon. We are talking a rung or two higher than a really good Nick Carter. However, the one thing that makes me long to read more of them is that apparently they are all by the same hand. The 500+ Executioner/Mack Bolan books are by a plethora of writers and the 261 Carter tales were as well. There is no proof that Herr Guenter did not write each and every one of the books attributed to him - just the fact that he was churning them out once a month. If it was not for the fact that Walter Gibson, under the penname of Maxwell Grant, did that for The Shadow in the 30s and 40s as did Lester Dent writing Doc Savage as Kenneth Robeson, I would be shouting, "No way!" Since they did it, I will believe that C. H. Guenter did it as well.

If you can, read one or two of the seven translated Urban tales just for fun. Do not expect incredible drama and fantastic prose, especially since these are translations. But the stories were fun and you should enjoy them.


My Grade: B+


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