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Full Name: Cleopatra Aphrodite North
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Merline Lovelace
Time Span: 2005 - 2005


Cleo North is an independent Security Consultant.

If you run a business and worry about someone stealing your secrets, you might give her a call because she can spot weaknesses in a company's set-up with the best of them. If, however, you are worried about someone stealing you, you definitely need to give Ms. Cleopatra Aphrodite North a call. A word of warning, though, is you should never call her by that name. It is her name. You should not use it.

North was for several years a member of the U.S. Air Force's Office of Special Investigations, the jet-jockies version of the Navy's NCIS, and it was such that she became very, very good at her job. With a glance at a crime scene she could spot those who were nervous for not-so-obvious reason. She could follow leads and learn from clues and apprehend miscreants as good as anyone else. Where she really shined, though, was in highly professional way she handled herself when the shooting started or dark alley had to be checked or terrorist nailed. When the assignment got especially hoary, that is when she was at her best.

No one is perfect, of course, and one case where she did not listen to her guy resulted in a suspect in a domestic argument later killed his girlfriend and then himself. While others said there was no way she could have known it would happen, she blamed herself and decided she had had enough. She resigned.

In the nearly ten years since her departure, she has taken the small security firm she stated to earn some sort of living and turned it into a major success story. She only had a couple of people with whom she worked regularly but she had a wide assortment of trained operative ready to freelance with her whenever needed. She also has a master martial arts instructor, former Special Forces soldier, who comes when called and who is forever training her when there is no case. She makes a lot of money and earns every dime.

One other thing going for her in the three-book series is the occasional presence of Major Jack Donovan, a man still in the OSI and someone she once worked with during a particularly dangerous assignment in Central America before her departure. In the heat of the climate and the peril they did more than just work together and now, after almost a decade, situations have come up that puts them in close (very close) contact. The action is definitely centered around North but having someone like Donovan around to help is not a bad thing, either. Certainly he is nothing bad to look at.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2005

1 The First Mistake The First Mistake
Written by Merline Lovelace
Copyright: 2005

Taking the job providing security for a diva of an actress starring in a controversial movie, Cleo North is asked by the USAF OSI to help in the investigation of classified information being sold to the highest bidder. She is also using it as a chance to reopen a ten-year old murder case.
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2 The Middle Sin The Middle Sin
Written by Merline Lovelace
Copyright: 2005

The disappearance of a young woman presents Cleo North with her latest case, one that seems to go nowhere until her old friend and lover, Major Donovan, joins her and together they seek to find why the assignment leads to a ship hauling dangerous cargo and a trip to Malta.
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3 The Last Bullet The Last Bullet
Written by Merline Lovelace
Copyright: 2005

The OSI calls again and offers a huge fee if she will investigate the suspicious death of a fighter pilot. She and Major Donovan soon learn the pilot was involved in activities that defy explanation, including interest in a sunken aircraft which went down in the English Channel during WWII.
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Whenever I "have" to read a romance spy series, I take a deep breath before starting. After I started this really, really fun series, the breaths I took were because of the action and the excitement. If I heard that Ms. Lovelace had decided to write another dozen of the Cleo North books, I would be at the bookstore tomorrow picking them up. And I am talking new, not second-hand. This author is darn good at her job and she left me truly sorry there were only three to read.

I liked Cleo North a whole lot. She is sassy, smart, kick-butt dangerous and darn good at her job. The stories are well thought out and beautifully presented and I did not want to lay the books down.

The cases that are given us touch on espionage and/or terrorism and so belong in this compendium of spy series but the real joy is watching North do her thing and show the boys how it can be done right. And the repore that she has with Donovan, sometimes loving and sometimes bickering, is a lot of fun to follow.

Mind you, some of the passages had me blushing, and I was the only one in the room!


My Grade: A-


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