1955 -

Writing as: Raymond Benson

Born in Midland, Texas, his family moved soon to Odessa, Texas where he grew up. After getting a Bachelors at the University of Texas majoring in theater directing, he moved to New York to work. Earning a living in the financial district during the day, his evenings and weekends were spend working at numerous theater productions. It was his love of James Bond adventures that prompted him to write articles for Bond magazines which would lead eventually to getting the task of replacing John Gardner as the official Bond scribe. He also became involved in game development. When he and his wife had their first child, they chose to move to Austin it was there that his career as a writer for the game industry took off.

Series Books
Agent 47 Hitman: Damnation (2012)
James Bond The James Bond Bedside Companion (1984)
  Zero Minus Ten (1997)
  Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
  Blast From The Past (ss) (1997)
  The Facts Of Death (1998)
  The World Is Not Enough (1999)
  High Time To Kill (1999)
  Midsummer Night's Doom (ss) (1999)
  Live At Five (ss) (1999)
  Doubleshot (2000)
  Never Dream Of Dying (2001)
  Die Another Day (2002)
  The Man With The Red Tattoo (2002)
Sam Fisher Splinter Cell (2004)
  Operation Barracuda (2005)
Other Evil Hours (2001)
  Face Blind (2003)
  Sweetie's Diamonds (2006)
  A Hard Day's Death [Spike Berenger] (2008)
  Metal Gear Solid [Metal Gear Solid] (2008)
  Dark Side of the Morgue [Spike Berenger] (2009)
  Sons of Liberty [Metal Gear Solid] (2009)
  The Black Stiletto [Black Stiletto] (2011)
  Homefront: The Voice of Freedom, with John Milius (2011)
  Artifact of Evil (2011)
  Torment (2011)
  Black & White [Black Stiletto] (2012)
  Hitman: Damnation (2012)