1922 - 1995

Writing as: Kingsley Amis, William Tanner

Knighted in 1990, Kingsley Amis became an overnight success with the publishing of his first novel, Lucky Jim, in 1954. For the next twenty years, his novels possessed a dark comedic feel to his protrayals of modern life. He also dabbled along the fringes of science fiction for a while. His love of James Bond novels which resulted in his writing several "how-to" books on the fictional spy, brought him the chance to write a Bond novel of his own.

Series Books
Kingsley Amis
James Bond The James Bond Dossier (1965)
  Colonel Sun (1968)
Other Bright November (1947)
  A Frame of Mind (1953)
  Poems: Fantasy Portraits. (1954)
  Lucky Jim (1954)
  That Uncertain Feeling (1955)
  A Case of Samples: Poems 1946–1956. (1956)
  I Like it Here (1958)
  Take A Girl Like You (1960)
  New Maps of Hell: a Survey of Science Fiction (1960)
  My Enemy's Enemy (1962)
  The Evans County (1962)
  One Fat Englishman (1963)
  The Book of Bond (1965)
  The James Bond Dossier (1965)
  The Egyptologists (1965)
  The Anti-Death League (1966)
  I Want It Now (1968)
  A Look Round the Estate: Poems (1968)
  The Green Man (1969)
  What Became of Jane Austen? (1970)
  Girl (1971)
  On Drink (1972)
  The Riverside Villas Murder (1973)
  Rudyard Kipling and his World (1974)
  Ending Up (1974)
  The Crime Of The Century (1975)
  The Alteration (1976)
  Jake's Thing (1978)
  The New Oxford Book of Light Verse (ed.) (1978)
  Collected Poems 1944–78 (1979)
  Russian Hide-and-Seek (1980)
  Collected Short Stories (1980)
  Everyday Drinking (1983)
  How's Your Glass? (1984)
  Stanley and the Women (1984)
  The Old Devils (1986)
  Difficulties With Girls (1988)
  The Folks That Live on the Hill (1990)
  The Amis Collection (1990)
  We Are All Guilty (1991)
  Mr Barrett's Secret and Other Stories (1991)
  Memoirs (1991)
  The Russian Girl (1992)
  You Can't Do Both (1994)
  The Biographer's Moustache (1995)
  The King's English: A Guide to Modern Usage (1997)
  The Letters of Kingsley Amis (2001)
William Tanner
James Bond The Book Of Bond - Or Every Man His Own 007 (1965)