1940 -

Writing as: Peter Cave, Petra Christian, C.S. Cotelo, Peter Maxwell

At various times, British author Peter Cave has been a reporter and an newspaper editor and a magazine editor. According to one source, he also spent some time in the south of France earning money as a singer of folk songs. He is best known in literary circles for the number of novelizations he has done for television shows.

Series Books
Peter Cave
The Avengers House Of Cards (1976)
  The Cybernauts (1977)
  Hostage (1977)
Other Chopper: King of the Angels (1971)
  The Run (1972)
  West Coast Wildcatting (1975)
  The Crime Commandoes (1976)
  Truck (1977)
  Foxbat (1978)
  Pisces Rising (1978)
  Fireflood (1980)
  Siege (1980)
  Slow Burn (1981)
  Taggart: Murder in Season [novelization] (1985)
  Taggart: Nest of Vipers [novelization] (1993)
  Taggart: Gingerbread [novelization] (1993)
  Taggart: Forbidden Fruit [novelization] (1994)
  Taggart: Fatal Inheritance [novelization] (1994)
  Soldier M: SAS - Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan (1994)
  Soldier T: SAS - War on the Streets (1995)
  Marine D: SBS - Windswept (1995)
  No Bananas (1996)
  The Last Echo [Invasion Earth] (1998)
Petra Christian
Other Hitch Hiker (1971)
  The New Drifters (1972)
  The Holiday Campers (1973)
  Girls of the Night (1973)
  The Sexploiters (1973)
  The Bust-up aka Big Bust (1974)
  Bed and Bawd (1974)
  In the Club (1975)
  Hello, Sailor! (1975)
C.S. Cotelo
Other White Line Fever [novelization] (1975)
Peter Maxwell
Other The Insanity Machine [Ralph Ledermann] (1978)
  Killfactor Five [Ralph Ledermann] (1979)