Writing as: Marc Cerasini, Cleo Coyle, Alice Kimberly

American author Marc Cerasini has had an impressive career writing in a variety of genres, including a few projects for best-selling author Tom Clancy. He has written novelizations from movies as well as a large amount of Young Reader stories and adventures including Kim Possible and Godzilla. With his wife, Alice Alfonsi, he has penned several mysteries as Cleo Coyle and Alice Kimberly.

Series Books
Marc Cerasini
Jack Bauer Operation Hell Gate (2005)
  Trojan Horse (2006)
  Vanishing Point (2007)
  Collateral Damage (2008)
Kim Possible Disney's Kim Possible #10 - Extreme (2004)
  Disney's Kim Possible #6 - Monkey Business (2004)
  Disney's Kim Possible #11 - Grudge Match (2005)
  Disney's Kim Possible #12 - Cloned (2006)
Totally Spies The School of Mandy (2005)
  Valentine Villains (2005)
  First Brat (2005)
Other The Pink Panther Gets Lucky - with Alice Alfonsi (2006)
  The Pink Panther's Just Desserts - with Alice Alfonsi (2006)
Cleo Coyle
Other On What Grounds [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2003)
  Through the Grinder [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2004)
  Latte Trouble [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2005)
  Murder Most Frothy [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2006)
  Decaffeinated Corpse [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2007)
  French Pressed [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2008)
  Espresso Shot [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2008)
  Holiday Grind [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2009)
  Roast Mortem [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2010)
  Murder by Mocha [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2011)
  A Brew to a Kill [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2012)
  Holiday Buzz [Cofferhouse mysteries] (2012)
Alice Kimberly
Other The Ghost and Mrs. McClure [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2004)
  The Ghost and the Dead Deb [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2005)
  The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2006)
  The Ghost and the Femme Fatale [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2008)
  The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2009)
  The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller [Haunted Bookshop mysteries] (2012)