1946 -

Writing as: Ted Bell

Mr. Bell was a major player in the advertising business, having risen to the positions of Vice-Chairman of the Board and World-Wide Creative Director of the prestigious Young & Rubicam, a major powerhouse in that industry. Born in Florida, he says that after college he worked for exactly one year in a bank doing a job he hated. He left for Europe to write but after a while, the money ran out and he had to get a job. In 2001 he retired to Florida and Colorado to write full time.

Series Books
Alexander Hawke Hawke (2003)
  Assassin (2004)
  Pirate (2005)
  Spy (2006)
  Tsar (2007)
  Warlord (2010)
  Phantom (2012)
  Crash Dive (ss) (2012)
  Warriors (2014)
  What Comes Around (ss) (2014)
  Patriot (2015)
  White Death (ss) (2015)
  Overkill (2018)
  Dragonfire (2020)
  Sea Hawke (2021)
Other Nick Of Time [Nick McIver] [YR] (2010)
  The Time Pirate [Nick McIver] [YR] (2010)