Writing as: Greg Rucka

Born in San Francisco and raised in California, Greg Rucka is an award-winning author of both books and comic books, not to mention story-boarding video games. He has written for some of the most popular series including Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Daredevil, and so forth. He has also created his own comic series about British agent Tara Chace in the Queen and Country series. He has, thus far, won three Eisner awards and has been nominated for more a lot of times!

Series Books
Jad Bell Alpha (2012)
  Bravo (2014)
Tara Chace A Gentleman's Game (2004)
  Private Wars (2005)
  The Last Run (2010)
Other Keeper [Atticus Kodiak] (1997)
  Finder [Atticus Kodiak] (1998)
  Smoker [Atticus Kodiak] (1999)
  Shooting At Midnight [Atticus Kodiak] (2000)
  Grendel: Past Prime (2000)
  Batman: No Man's Land (2000)
  Critical Space [Atticus Kodiak] (2003)
  Fistful of Rain (2004)
  Perfect Dark: Initial Vector (2005)
  Perfect Dark: Second Front (2007)
  Patriot Acts [Atticus Kodiak] (2008)
  Walking Dead [Atticus Kodiak] (2010)