1912 - 2006

Writing as: Michael Gilbert

Born in England, Michael Gilbert earned his living as a lawyer in London but still found time to produce an impressive list of books, mostly mysteries, which were themselves quite impressive. He served in the Royal Army during WWII. At one point he was a POW but he and another man escaped and marched over 500 miles to freedom. He was named Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America in 1988. He had already been made an CBE.

Series Books
Calder & Behrens Game Without Rules (1968)
  Mr. Calder and Mr. Behrens (1982)
  The Murder of Diana Devon and other Mysteries (2009)
  On Slay Down (ss) (Apr 1962)
  Double, Double (ss) (Apr 1967)
  Prometheus Unbound (ss) (Aug 1962)
  The Peaceful People (ss) (Aug 1968)
  The African Tree Beavers (ss) (Aug 1971)
  The Killing of Michael Finnegan (ss) (Aug 1981)
  Churchill's Men (ss) (Dec 1968)
  The Lion and the Virgin (ss) (Dec 1971)
  The Last Reunion (ss) (Dec 1981)
  The Mercenaries (ss) (Feb 1981)
  Heilige Nacht (ss) (Jan 1966)
  St. Ethelburga and the Angel of Death (ss) (Jan 1969)
  The Decline and Fall of Mr. Behrens (ss) (Jan 1973)
  Trembling's Tours (ss) (Jul 1962)
  One-to-Ten (ss) (Jul 1968)
  Signal Tresham (ss) (Jul 1980)
  The Headmaster (ss) (Jun 1962)
  The Road to Damascus (ss) (Jun 1966)
  A Prince of Abyssinia (ss) (Mar 1962)
  "Upon the King..." (ss) (Mar 1967)
  The Cat Cracker (ss) (May 1962)
  The Twilight of the Gods (ss) (May 1967)
  Cross-Over (ss) (Oct 1963)
  The Spoilers (ss) (Oct 1965)
  Early Warning (ss) (Oct 1981)
  Emergency Exit (ss) (Sep 1968)
  Anything for a Quiet Life (ss) (Sep 1983)
Luke Pagan Ring of Terror (1995)
  Into Battle (1996)
  Over and Out (1998)
Other Close Quarters [Insp. Hazlerigg] (1947)
  The Doors Open [Insp. Hazlerigg] (1949)
  He Didn’t Mind Danger aka They Never Looked Inside [Insp. Hazlerigg] (1949)
  Smallbone Deceased [Insp. Hazlerigg] (1950)
  Death Has Deep Roots [Insp. Hazlerigg] aka Breakout (1951)
  The Danger Within aka Death in Captivity (1952)
  Fear to Tread [Insp. Hazlerigg] (1953)
  The Country-House Burglar aka Sky High (1955)
  Be Shot for Sixpence (1956)
  Blood and Judgment [Insp. Petrella (1959)
  A Clean Kill (play) (1960)
  The Bargain (play) (1961)
  The Shot in Question (Constable, 1963, pb) Play. (1963)
  After the Fine Weather (1963)
  The Crack in the Teacup (1966)
  The Dust and the Heat aka Overdrive (1967)
  The Etruscan Net aka The Family Tomb (1969)
  Stay of Execution (1971)
  The Body of a Girl [Warren Mercer] (1972)
  The Ninety-Second Tiger (1973)
  Amateur in Violence aka The Unstoppable Man (1973)
  Flash Point (Hodder, 1974, hc) [London] Harper, 1974. (1974)
  The Night of the Twelfth (1976)
  Petrella at Q [Insp. Petrella] (1977)
  The Empty House (Hodder, 1978, hc) [England] Harper, 1979. (1978)
  Death of a Favourite Girl aka The Killing of Katie Steelstock (1980)
  End-Game aka The Final Throw (1982)
  The Black Seraphim (1983)
  The Long Journey Home (1985)
  Trouble (1987)
  Young Petrella [Insp. Petrella] (1988)
  Paint, Gold and Blood (1989)
  Anything for a Quiet Life [Jonas Pickett] (1990)
  The Queen Against Karl Mullen (1991)
  Roller-Coaster [Insp. Petrella (1993)
  Ring of Terror [Luke Pagan] (1995)
  Into Battle [Luke Pagan] (1997)
  The Man Who Hated Banks and other mysteries (1997)
  Over and Out [Luke Pagan] (1998)
  The Mathematics of Murder (2000)