1923 - 2001

Writing as: Dorothy Dunnett

Born Dorothy Halliday in Dunfermline in Scotland, she was educated in Edinburgh at Gillespie's High School, the locale for fellow student Murial Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. She worked for many years as a Press Officer for the British Civil Service. She married Alastair Dunnett in 1946. In addition to her marriage and her career, she started a second endeavor as a portrait painter and became much sought after for her talents. When she began to write, she chose historical fiction as her major interest.

Series Books
Johnson Johnson Dolly And The Singing Bird (1968)
  Dolly And The Cookie Bird (1970)
  Dolly And The Doctor Bird (1971)
  Dolly And The Starry Bird (1973)
  Dolly And The Nanny Bird (1976)
  Dolly And The Bird Of Paradise (1983)
  Send A Fax To The Kasbah (1991)
Other The Game of Kings [Lymond Chronicles] (1961)
  Queen's Play [Lymond Chronicles] (1964)
  The Disorderly Knights [Lymond Chronicles] (1966)
  Pawn in Frankincense [Lymond Chronicles] (1969)
  The Ringed Castle [Lymond Chronicles] (1971)
  Checkmate [Lymond Chronicles] (1975)
  King Hereafter (1982)
  Niccolò Rising [The House Of Niccolo] (1986)
  Spring of the Ram [The House Of Niccolo] (1987)
  Race of Scorpions [The House Of Niccolo] (1989)
  Scales of Gold [The House Of Niccolo] (1991)
  The Unicorn Hunt [The House Of Niccolo] (1993)
  To Lie with Lions [The House Of Niccolo] (1995)
  Caprice and Rondo [The House Of Niccolo] (1997)
  Gemini [The House Of Niccolo] (2000)