1909 - 1997

Writing as: Don Von Elsner

A grand master at bridge, Mr. Von Elsner loved to incorporate his favorite pasttimes into his novels so both of the series he wrote had the main character as expert as he was.

Series Books
David Danning Those Who Prey Together Slay Together (1961)
  Just Not Making Mayhem Like They Used To (1961)
  Don't Just Stand There, Do Someone (1962)
  You Can't Do Business With Murder (1962)
  Who Says A Corpse Has To Be Dull (1963)
  Pour A Swindle Through A Loophole (1964)
  Countdown For A Spy (1966)
  A Bullet For Your Dreams (1968)
Jake Winkman The Jake Of Diamonds (1963)
  The Ace Of Spies (1966)
  The Jack Of Hearts (1968)
  Everything's Jake With Me (1980)
  Cruise Bridge (1980)
  The Best Of Jake Winkman (1981)