1938 -

Writing as: Lawrence Block, Lee Duncan, Jill Emerson, Chip Harrison, Paul Kavanagh, Sheldon Lord

As entertaining as his Evan Tanner spy series is to read, Mr. Block's far more recognized series deal with 'former' burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr and private investigator Matthew Scudder. Mr. Block was born in Buffalo, New York. He attended Antioch College in Ohio for a time but left before graduating. His foray into writing began with porn paperbacks written under pseudonyms. His big break came in 1976 when his first Matt Scudder book came out. In addition to the three series already mentioned, he has Chip Harrison, modeled on the Nero Wolfe series and Keller, a successful hitman who has a conscience.

Series Books
Lawrence Block
Evan Tanner The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep (1966)
  The Cancelled Czech (1966)
  Tanner's Twelve Swingers (1967)
  Two For Tanner (1967)
  Tanner's Tiger (1968)
  Here Comes A Hero (1969)
  Me Tanner, You Jane (1970)
  Tanner On Ice (1998)
Other Babe in the Woods [Lou Largo, with William Ard] (1960)
  Death Pulls a Doublecross aka Coward's Kiss (1961)
  Mona aka Sweet Slow Death / Grifter's Game (1961)
  The Case of the Pornographic Photos aka Markham / You Could Call it Murder (1961)
  The Girl with the Long Green Heart (1965)
  Deadly Honeymoon (1967)
  After the First Death (1969)
  The Specialists (1969)
  Ronald Rabbit Is a Dirty Old Man (1971)
  In the Midst of Death [Matthew Scudder] (1976)
  The Sins of the Fathers [Matthew Scudder] (1976)
  Time to Murder and Create [Matthew Scudder] (1977)
  Burglars Can't Be Choosers [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1977)
  The Burglar in the Closet [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1978)
  Ariel (1979)
  The Burglar Who Liked to Quote Kipling [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1979)
  The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1980)
  A Stab in the Dark [Matthew Scudder] (1981)
  Eight Million Ways to Die [Matthew Scudder] (1982)
  Code of Arms (1982)
  The Burglar Who Painted like Mondrian [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1983)
  When the Sacred Ginmill Closes [Matthew Scudder] (1986)
  Into the Night (1987)
  Random Walk (1988)
  Out on the Cutting Edge [Matthew Scudder] (1989)
  A Ticket to the Boneyard [Matthew Scudder] (1990)
  The Perfect Murder: Five Great Mystery Writers Create the Perfect Crime (1991)
  A Dance at the Slaughterhouse [Matthew Scudder] (1991)
  A Walk Among the Tombstones [Matthew Scudder] (1992)
  The Devil Knows You're Dead [Matthew Scudder] (1993)
  A Long Line of Dead Men [Matthew Scudder] (1994)
  The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1994)
  The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1995)
  Even the Wicked [Matthew Scudder] (1996)
  The Burglar in the Library [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1997)
  Hit Man [Keller] (1998)
  Everybody Dies [Matthew Scudder] (1998)
  The Burglar in the Rye [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (1999)
  The Burglar Who Dropped in on Elvis [Bernie Rhodenbarr] [NV] (1999)
  Batman's Helpers (1999)
  Hit List [Keller] (2000)
  The Lost Cases of Ed London (2001)
  Hope to Die [Matthew Scudder] (2001)
  Cinderella Sims (2002)
  Small Town: A Novel of New York (2002)
  The Burglar on the Prowl [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (2004)
  All the Flowers Are Dying [Matthew Scudder] (2005)
  Hit Parade [Keller] (2006)
  Lucky at Cards (2007)
  A Diet of Treacle (2008)
  Hit and Run [Keller] (2008)
  Grifter's Game (2011)
  A Drop of the Hard Stuff [Matthew Scudder] (2011)
  Like a Thief in the Night [Bernie Rhodenbarr] (2011)
  Hit Me [Keller] (2013)
Lee Duncan
Other Killing Castro aka Fidel Castro Assassinated (1961)
Jill Emerson
Other Getting Off (19..)
  Warm and Willing (1964)
  Enough of Sorrow (1965)
  Threesome (1970)
  Sensuous (1972)
  The Trouble with Eden (1973)
  A Week As Andrea Benstock (1975)
Chip Harrison
Other No Score [Chip Harrison] (1970)
  Chip Harrison Scores Again [Chip Harrison] (1971)
  Make Out with Murder aka Five Little Rich Girls [Chip Harrison] (1974)
  The Topless Tulip Caper [Chip Harrison] (1975)
Paul Kavanagh
Other Such Men Are Dangerous (1969)
  The Triumph of Evil (1971)
  Not Comin' Home to You (1974)
Sheldon Lord
Other Kept (1960)